Why do people hate Ginny and Ron

After all battles are over? - The end

by Tonks21

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Ginny felt better than she had in days. Something was different this morning. She was so content and happy. But why only? She lolled back and forth like a cat. Tonight she had dreamed of herself and Harry. It had been a fine dream.
She heard slow, calm, familiar breathing behind her. Someone had put their arms around her and was hugging her. Ginny turned slightly so she could look at the person behind her. Her heart skipped. Harry! She squealed excitedly. Harry sat against the wall with his arms around her. Ginny snuggled into his lap, enjoying the warmth and tranquility it emanated.
She felt Harry's breath quicken and turned around.
He blinked sleepily at her.
â € œGood morning! â € he whispered, and kissed her forehead gently.
â € œMorning, â € she said, and beamed.
â € œWell, how are you? â € he asked, pulling her closer to him with his arms.
"Much better," said Ginny, "but how are you?"
Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Harry's face petrify.
â € œGood, â € he said doggedly.
â € œWhere have you been? â €
"I - I'm sorry I couldn't see you earlier, Ginny!"
â € œYou know I canâ € ™ t be angry with you for long, but I want to know where you have been! â €
Harry was silent. His chest rose and fell faster.
â € œI wasnâ € ™ t doing so well, â € he said after a while.
â € œWhat did you have? â €
â € œThe search for you was very exhausting. My strength was strained.â €
â € œHermione already told me that you havenâ € ™ t slept the whole time while I was gone.â €
â € œYes, I wanted to find you first. Did Hermione speak to you? "
â € œYes, we talked. From woman to woman.â €
â € œAnd do you feel better now? â €
â € œYes. It's nice to have you so close to me again, Harry, â € she said. If she were a cat, she would probably start pacing.
â € œYes, I think so too. I really missed you.â €
â € œWhen did you come? I haven't even noticed until now that I'm no longer alone in my bed.â €
â € œYou were so deeply asleep last night that I didnâ € ™ t want to wake you.â €
There was a scream from below. Doors to the room were thrown open.
â € œMum, what is it? â € Percy yelled down the stairs.
â € œPotterwatch just announced that Harry is no longer at St. Mungo's! â €
â € œWhat? â € Percy yelled back. â € œBut I did speak to the Aurors yesterday. They say they will definitely prevent him from leaving his room.â €
â € œSt. Mongoose? Â € said Ginny, horrified. â € œYou went to St. Mungo? â €
Harry struggled to get up. His movements seemed stiff. â € œI think I should go calm down your mum first, Ginny.â €
But Ginny held onto his arm. â € œNo, tell me why you were at St. Mungo's! â € she demanded.
â € œGinny, I ... it took a lot of strength. I was without sleep for a long time. It pulled my body out quite a bit. That's why I was briefly at St. Mungo.â €
He left the room without Ginny answering. She decided to get dressed and go downstairs. Why should she stay up here too? She was fine. Spending the days quietly in bed only depressed her.

â € œIt canâ € ™ t be gone, â € sobbed Mrs. Weasley. Harry heard her loudly on the stairs. Slowly he went down step by step. Smethwyck had clearly been right. His stomach ached as if needles were being stuck into him over and over again.
Hermione came running down the stairs.
â € œShe donâ € ™ t even know youâ € ™ re here? â € she asked, horrified.
â € œNo, but I will tell her now.â €
â € œIf it isnâ € ™ t too late! â €
"Build me up, Hermione," Harry said sarcastically.
There were loud footsteps again on the stairs.
â € žMy God, whoâ € ™ s supposed to get some sleep? "said Ron. â € œWhy is Mum crying? â €
â € œShe just heard from Lee that Harry isnâ € ™ t at the Mungo anymore, â € Hermione said.
â € žOh, â € œ said Ron seriously, then grinned, â € œhave fun, Harry.â €
He patted Harry on the shoulder, encouragingly and slightly gleefully, and Harry stepped into the Weasley's kitchen. Mrs. Weasley sat at the dining table with her head on her hands. She was still sniffing as Percy patted her on the back.
â € œMum, calm down! It will all clear up. He canâ € ™ t have disappeared.â €
Harry went into the kitchen, followed by Ron and Hermione. Absently, Percy glanced at them for a moment and said good morning to them. â € œPeople, we have to go right away, â € he said, â € œHave a quick breakfast because we have to find Harry. Somehow he disappeared from St. Mungo's tonight.â €
Ron chuckled. Percy gave him a punishing look. He probably didn't think it appropriate for someone to laugh at such a moment.
â € œRon, your best friend has disappeared and you are kidding! â € He looked at the three of them angrily. Then his mouth fell open and he stared at Harry.
â € œHarry, â € he yelled, and Mrs. Weasley startled. â € œMy God, how did you find him so quickly? â €
â € œSay, Percy, are you a fool or whatâ € ™ s going on? â € asked Ron, waving his hand in front of Percyâ € ™ s nose. â € œWe didnâ € ™ t find Harry. He slept here tonight! Â €
â € œOh, â € said Percy, his cheeks turning pink.
â € œOh, Harry. Harry! Â € sobbed Mrs. Weasley, hurrying towards Harry. She hugged him tightly. â € œI was so worried, â € she sniffed.
She held him an arm's length from her and asked, "How are you?"
â € œMuch better, Mrs. Weasley, â € he replied dutifully, letting her push him to a chair with gentle force. But the initial shock was over, and Mrs. Weasley put her arms on her hips and glared at him.
â € œWhat were you thinking? You should be in St. Mungo's for another two weeks. Actually, I thought the painkillers would keep you from trying to escape. Why did you come already What's so bad about just lying in the Mungo for a few days? You should stay two weeks and you just stay - "
Mrs. Weasley broke off in mid-sentence and stared intently at a point on the door.
Harry turned and saw Ginny there. Her hair fell over her shoulder and she kept glancing from Harry to Mrs. Weasley.
â € œYou should be staying at St. Mungo's two bloody weeks? â € Ginny asked angrily. â € œWhy? Even Dad didn't have to be at St. Mungo's for two weeks! Â €
â € œThey only wanted me there for so long because ... because it is me. They would have sent anyone else home long ago.â €
â € œGinny, get back to bed, â € said Mrs. Weasley sharply, pointing a finger up the stairs.
â € žNo, Mum, â € œ said Ginny coldly. â € œI want to know what's going on here.â €
â € œBut itâ € ™ s none of your business, Ginny. I told you to go to bed.â €
â € œMum, listen! I am fine. I don't want to go back to bed. What am I supposed to do? I am very healthy, have recovered from these 'exertions' and everything. I get depressed up there! Â €
Mrs. Weasley pursed her lips. â € œIf you think so, â € she said, to everyoneâ € ™ s surprise, â € œbut then shut up and eat your breakfast! And no more asking questions, otherwise I will hex you to the bed!  € œ
Ginny nodded and dropped into a chair across from Harry while Mrs. Weasley hurried into the kitchen.
â € œSo, now I want to know why youâ € ”â €
â € œGinny, youâ € ™ re going to bed if you donâ € ™ t stop now, â € said Mrs. Weasley from the kitchen. She kept muttering to herself so that everyone could hear. â € œKingsley promised me he wouldnâ € ™ t let Harry go. But you can really give a damn about your promises.â €
â € œMrs. Weasley, â € said Harry, â € œKingsley didnâ € ™ t let me go. He was already gone. He left just before me! Â €
â € œKingsley was at St. Mungo's too? â € asked Ginny, astonished.
â € œGin-ny! â € cried Mrs. Weasley.
â € œItâ € ™ s okay, Mum.â €
Ginny pulled out a newspaper and began to open it.
â € žUm, Ginny, â € œ said Ron, picking up the newspaper, â € œI was actually about to read it! â €
â € œIâ € ™ ll read it now, brother, â € said Ginny irritably. Ron looked horrified. Harry wondered why. But Ron gestured wildly in his direction. What did he want to tell him? Should Ginny just read the newspaper. He didnâ € ™ t mind, because then at least she couldnâ € ™ t bombard him with questions. Besides, Hermione was always reading the paper, and that made a lot of money. She always knew the latest in the wizarding world. Harry gave a start. The latest things from the wizarding world? For now, the main body of the paper was about him, Ginny, and Kingsley.
â € žGinnyâ € œ, Hermione began now, who had understood what Ron meant â € œYou shouldnâ € ™ t read after lying down for such a long time, because the eyes that have eyes ... â € Hermione was saved from thinking of anything leave what could be with your eyes after lying for a long time, because Harry had already pulled out his wand and shouted: "Evanesco!" The newspaper vanished into thin air.
â € žHarry, â € œ said Ginny angrily, still holding her hands as if the newspaper were there while Harry put his wand in his pocket and stood up. â € œThat was unfair. Why am I not allowed to read the newspaper?  €
â € œUm, it was old. Why waste your time on old stuff? Â € he said lightly. â € œMrs. Weasley, I have to go! Â €
â € œWhere to? â € came four people in the choir.
â € žUm, â € œ said Harry, and headed back to the door. Sweat formed on his forehead with pain. He had to lie down, but that was hardly possible here in the Burrow. If he admitted he was in pain, Mrs. Weasley would drag him back to the mongoose by the cloak. Besides, he couldn't avoid Ginny's questions.
â € œI still have things to do. Preparations ... I also wanted to check on Teddy.â €
He walked out the door after bumping his back against it.
He paused outside to take a deep breath. The door opened. He had expected someone to follow him, but when he turned around and saw the long red hair, he was still amazed.
â € œGinny, â € he said. â € œWhat do you want? I was just about to leave.â €
â € œGet out for a few days again. Hope to wait for you and then come back like the lost savior from the mongoose. Are you going back there? Â €
â € žNo, â € œ said Harry truthfully. Sweat broke out on his forehead and ran into his eyes. He quickly wiped it away with his sleeve.
"I finally want to know what's going on, Harry," Ginny said, walking towards him. She looked at him and Harry couldn't look away, couldn't move a step. He had to go, turn around and walk away. But he couldn't. He wanted to hug her, hold her ... but he couldn't. It would prevent anyone from hurting her again. He had to go for that now. Walk away.
â € œYou sweat like a pig. You are in pain, you can see that. I want to help you as you helped me. I want to do something for you, too.â €
Harry looked at her. â € œYes, you can do something for me. Stay away from me, Ginny. Keep your distance. Please! Â €
Ginny looked at him, shocked. â € œYou ... you donâ € ™ t want me anymore? â €
â € œIt has nothing to do with not wanting, Ginny. It ... you have just been kidnapped. Should i tell you why Because you are my girlfriend! The whole world knows you are my friend. That's the only reason they did all this to you. I donâ € ™ t want something like this to happen to you again.â €
â € œYou want to break up with me because of Death Eaters? Throwing in the towel over a couple of Death Eaters? Â €
â € œThe time isnâ € ™ t right for our relationship, â € said Harry. Ginny had stopped and looked at him.
â € œThe time isnâ € ™ t right for our relationship? â € Ginny repeated in disbelief. â € œThe time is never right for you, is it? The time isnâ € ™ t right for a relationship with Ginny, the time for a quiet life. But the time is always ripe for an exciting Death Eater hunt. Ripe to kill Voldemort, ripe to roam the world. I think the time is so ripe that itâ € ™ s starting to rot! Â € She slapped the air with her hand. â € œI donâ € ™ t think you ever intended to let the time come for us.â €
â € œYes, of course I did! â € said Harry, who was as pissed off as Ginny, â € œ of course I did, Ginny, but only when the evil in the world is defeated and we can lead a safe life can.â €
Ginny gave a shrill laugh. â € œOh, then would the time have been ripe for us? Evil will never be defeated! I thought the boy who survived, the chosen one, the dark lord's conqueror, the man who just holds up his girlfriend and never really loved, knew that. But you don't know anything about the world, Harry . Nothing. The only thing you know is how to end a relationship charmingly and mumble a few curses to keep Death Eaters at bay.â €
â € œShall I tell you something, Ginny? I think we held out long enough. Find someone else for a relationship, then I donâ € ™ t have to worry anymore and you will finally be happy!  € œ
Ginny stared at him. Tears pooled in her eyes, showing that she felt as bad as he did.
â € œYou know, that was Harry Potter and Ginny Weasleyâ € ™ s relationship, then.What a shame, but actually not, right? Tomorrow at least that will make a lot of headlines that you are after. Have fun! Â € She held up a hand, turned, and walked briskly back toward the house. Angry and breathing quickly, Harry Apparated.
Still breathing just as fast, he stood in front of an old door, in front of a well-known house, and stepped inside with a wild snort. He didn't care if Death Eaters were here or if there were traps hidden here. He didn't care about anything.
â € œKreacher, â € he yelled.
By then, Ginny was back in bed with the covers pulled over her head and crying on her pillow.
This was the end, the end of her and Harry Potter's relationship!


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