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How important are influencers in my child's life and when should the rip cord be pulled when emulating?

For children and young people, influencers are part of their everyday reality, as were the pop stars from “Bravo” for their parents back then. One reason for this is that their media consumption has shifted significantly to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Influencers are also so important for young people because they are in puberty and are looking for role models. The role models become particularly attractive when they are also adored by the circle of friends. So it is normal for children and young people to emulate certain influencers.

If you find that your child is only emulating one or more influencers, copying their look, taking up their product recommendations or even adopting their political opinion, it is worth talking to your child about it. Make your child aware that influencers also want to earn money with their contributions. That is why influencers have to mark their contributions if there is a financial interest behind the use of clothing, cosmetic products or other products. So children and teenagers should know that the appearance of an influencer is a "business-optimized" image that does not match reality.

The influencer's strategy also includes being in contact with the community. It is therefore essential that you show your child the differences between real friendships and those in social networks. Also address behavior that protects your child's identity and privacy. If necessary, agree on a fixed time frame for media consumption. But above all, they offer their child many active and creative leisure activities and encourage contact between them and their peers. Trying out a new sport or learning to play an instrument: This strengthens your own body awareness and self-confidence far more than any influencer!