Instant noodles are more unhealthy than fast food

Are instant noodles unhealthy?

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are Instant noodles unhealthy? After all, they offer a lot advantages. you are very inexpensive, are made very simply and hardly require any expenditure of time. But with all the advantages, the question naturally arises whether the delicious fillers also have any disadvantage to have. It is often said that instant noodles are not particularly healthy be. But are instant noodles really unhealthy? And if so, what exactly are they causing? Are there healthy ones Alternatives? Our team has of course also dealt with these questions so as not to leave any important questions from you about this topic unanswered.


Do instant noodles have a negative effect on digestion?


A important study in this connection is that of the physician Braden Kuo of the Massachusetts General Hospital, who also deals with the question of whether Instant noodles unhealthy be busy. He wanted to find out how the noodles affect the Affect digestion. The result was that the stomach took more time than when conventional pasta needed to digest this. However, according to Kuo, this study is too small clear scientific evidence on a actual risk to give.


If you ask yourself whether Instant noodles unhealthy be and take on the question of Heart disease comes across, you can initially answer this with a general "Yes". However, you should also consider the overall framework.


A very frequent consumption can be dangerous if this is also combined with factors such as Obesity, Lipid metabolism disorders, high blood pressure and insulin resistance is combined. So in this case there is a increased riskrelated to the composition of instant noodles: The Amounts of calories, saturated fat, carbohydrates, and sodium are a unhealthy combination with the factors listed above. But that is no secret: That you look at factors like obesity, fat metabolism disorders, etc. Fast food, ready meals, etc.. should do without if possible is no great secret.

But it remains to be mentioned that the Metabolism of women still more sensitive is. Therefore this a little more careful if one of these Factors for them exists.



You may have heard the following statement in a chemistry class:

"Only the dose makes the poison."


It comes from Paracelsus, a famous chemist and doctor from the 15th century. In principle, this can also be used as an answer to the question of whether Instant noodles unhealthy be, take: Don't overdo it. Of course, instant noodles are not particularly healthy if you also suffer from overweight or high blood pressure. Even so, you should avoid including almost nothing in your diet other than ready-made meals. However, this applies to every imaginable type of ready-made meal and fast food. The important thing is simply one balanced or varied diet to have. Then the consumption of instant noodles shouldn't have too much of an impact on that health to have. Instant noodles are great for putting food on the table when you don't have time. However, it should not in the long run be the case every day if one wants to maintain a healthy diet.




As already described, you can use instant noodles do not exaggerateto ensure a healthy diet. But if you still have a big one Pasta lover and would like to do without them as rarely as possible, are the perfect alternative to the occasional change Shirataki noodles. In the USA they are called "Miracle noodle"Because they are said to have special properties:


  1. you are healthy,
  2. contain hardly any carbohydrates
  3. and help you lose weight.



How does that sound to you?


The main components of the Shirataki noodles are obtained from the konjac root, therefore they are often too Konjac noodles called. Our team has of course also dealt with these special noodles in order to be able to offer you a healthy alternative to the occasional change. We have in our main article about theShirataki noodles answered all your questions.

Here it goes to the article with all information about Shirataki noodles.