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Every outline is envy. Treat, we close the path to joy. We can no longer rejoice in other people's successes; we are robbed of their own aspirations. This is spiritual suicide ....

Angel de Kutye

It is not poverty or wealth that corrupts people, but envy and greed.

Bernard Show.

Who is jealous or wants this and that without waiting for fun.
Catherine II

A person who knows what to do with his own life will never interfere with anyone.

Igor Kobotov.

At the heart of the feeling of envy - disrespect for yourself.

Ilya Shevelev.

Big thoughts discuss ideas, medium-sized - discussed actions, and small people.

Indian proverb

Who gossips with you, he gossips about you.

Spanish wisdom

When a person can't say good things about himself but I want to say he starts talking badly about others.

Mikhail Litvak.

No need to hate people who envy because they realize you are better.

Monica Bellucci

Omar Khayam.

Envy destroys the body of whoever feels this way.


Pity - there is a grief over someone else's misfortunes, envy - there is a grief over someone else's happiness ...


Talking about others sometimes carries such nonsense that the only salvation is to hug an idiot.

Tommy Joe Rattleff.

Envious people often judge what they don't know and criticize those in whose level they never reach.

Friedrich Nietzsche

More than any square who sow the toad!

It is said that gluits that discuss a person take away his sins. I can live calmly.

A woman who's not on her teeth will be eaten up by eyes and gossip.

When people envy, they only see an outer shell ... but they don't see how much force is being spent ...

If you are clatted, it means that you are not only enough for yourself but also enough for others. You fill yourself.

I surprised myself in life ... how many people have enough time .... pay attention to what others are doing ... advise you in the "laundry" ... and climb in the soul and do not be shy. .. So I want to ask a question. What's the whole nose? As in the life of "shaking" someone else ... you better see it for yourself!

Whoever tells you about other people's disadvantages tells others about yours.

There is always a goat that will come over you with a little nausea. A sheep that not only leaves this information in the mess, but still adds something of itself, and a RAM that will surely believe it.

It has always been a secret to me: How people can respect themselves, the same saying as humiliating as they are.

Then when you've clapped it will be reminded when you envy means anything is better than envy.

It is said that gluits that discuss a person take away his sins. I can live calmly.

What's the difference that they talk about you behind the back when she's in the tongue in the ass at the meeting.

I love it when they say for my back. This confirms that I am ahead!

Those who have no personal life always discuss and climb into someone else!

In order to get to know a lot about my people's life, you sometimes want to approach and ask: Well, what are you doing there?

The mud care didn't hurt anyone ... continued panning!

Do not forget, enemies and haters from bad life do not appear ... it means that you are great and you have what should I envy!

The main thing is not that they talk about you, the main thing is that "they" say in a whisper.

Rumors and gossip about the one who represents something always reach those who represent nothing.

Gossip - drugs for downtrodden people.

I wish the gossip as good luck as the truth in their words.

I feel sorry for people who tell me badly. After all, they're so corrupted that they don't even understand how much I don't care for their opinion.

If you don't give a reason for tissue, gossip will be for no reason.

What kind of people went? Hear the edge of the ear, they see the edge of the eye and imagine the brain residue.

It all depends on taste. You can share wine and you can be someone else's life. Girls - obviously not gourmet ...

The envy is not interesting for your explanations when you rise up, they care about your tears that you fell from.

You can learn a lot about gossip from gossip.

If you know each other, it's not scary what they say about you.

Before telling someone else's lingerie, you need to make sure it's wedged.

I am not offended by people who argue and criticize me behind their backs. I am glad that at least one interesting topic finally appeared in her life.

Gossip about me, I'm not a greyhound!

Never believe the gossip about a woman. They either come from a man who couldn't conquer them or from a woman who envied them!

If you are arguing all the time, don't worry, move around, but they will be trampled on the spot and from hopelessness to the tongue!

The brighter the personality and the spiritual beauty, the more she blinds her eyes more enviously and opens her mouth.

Nobody can judge others until they learn to judge themselves.

Not always what others say - true, can be praised by pity, mud - by envy.

There are two types of jealous people: the first wants everything like yours, and the second wants you to want nothing at all.

People start picking up rumors when they don't know other ways to explain why someone is turning it all out, but they don't have any.

The black cat doesn't care at all what the gray mice say about it!

Envious, enemies and gossips come first as other people's mistakes and give themselves.

A good person shouldn't have enemies, just jealous.

status for social networks about envy, gossip and jealous.
Envious - People of weak spirit who cannot come up with anything better than to slander a person in order to have their authority lowered, slander is distributed and gossip is born.

Never argue and do not envy yourself badly. Enlighten the best discussing the best.

Better to be the center of attention, to have a scandalous reputation, than to be in the primitive challenge.

Why do people believe that rumors instead of asking everything and learning the truth.

We will enjoy our property without resorting to comparison, it will never be happy who tortured the kind of greater happiness ... When you come to mind how many people go in front of you, think how many of them are left behind . Seneca

To get to know so much about my life from people, what you come and want to ask: -well, what, how am I, how am I there ?!

It is said that gossip that condemned a person takes away his sins. So I can live quietly ...

Disguising the facts can spoil the best gossip.

Precious gossip, gossip and jealous! Open your mouth at the level of the slope and not in my direction !!

If someone condemns you ... or just gossips, the complex suffers! It's worse than you and it knows! Do not deliver it, do not respond to touch! Even let him donate anger, and who will understand ...

If Gossipe refuse, it doesn't have to go away. Know-Worms only choose the best fruits!

Envy does not say there is, but what can cause evil. - Publish sir.

Itching and gossip is the anthropological inevitability of all women.

No matter how boring your life, don't climb into someone ...

When the ship is empty, he makes some kind of noise. So it spoke gossip in empty people.

Who gossips with you, he gossips about you.

Not openly people and losers are injected. Gradually let's clap everything.

You don't fight on everything behind your back, but the abandoned bone is sometimes enough that they are overgrown together ...

I don't know if you can call the "man" the dirty gossip is about everyone. In pursuit of the popularity of "IT" that get rid of behind the back, controversially known ... What a pity, you can't get into the stigma stigma of "clear, insignificant jewelry!"

No need to draw conclusions about a person until you speak to him in person, because all you hear - rumors

Some want to give a grater ... the tongue scratches ...

I hate people who smile in the eyes and smack me behind me.

And I love it when they get hit and carry me over me. Immediately felt like a star of the show biz.

About me about me - a new sport ... Concete Lochushki!

I hate people who try to appear better at the expense of others! If you try to hide my wrongdoing and sharing, you will turn away the gossip about even closest friends, making it even lower in the eyes of those once respected and trusted!

Flour to cause her jealous - it's in a good mood.

Condemn? No problem! Proceed in this very well ... fragment as it is nice to hear about me your dirty rumors. I only know that from your thoughts I am neither cold nor hot.

Gossip - the best profession for those who have nothing to do.

I don't care what people are going to say! What was that, I still don't need you, empty your souls, my love is also not needed for me. From wrong words, sometimes faded ears. Don't touch your sins with stories, I'll find out for myself. I like it all said, take a rest! I have your friendship on ... not required!

Girls are the lowest of people. And to punish them, it's happy to be at their level!

Gossip is very similar to the vacuum cleaner with a torn filter - it doesn't seem that dirty at the entrance, and a G is flying in the air ... but

Better to spit right in the eyes than in the soul behind my back.

I want to go from the arrogant face and gossip, hide ... on the beach with pebbles, we break up and cry for chaps to enjoy.

A person who is happy will never wish anyone badly, spread ridiculous rumors and try to poke someone. So there are only sick people, and unfortunately they are unfortunately to the soul and the heart.

EH, girlfriends ... girlfriends ... only pillows can be silent ...

The topic of the section: status about envy, gossip and envy with the meaning of cool and educational about jealous people.

Rule over my personal life? Do you have a personal front so figovo? We are sorry.

Do not judge a person based on rumors and opinions. Find out people who communicate in person. It is unlikely that it is unlikely to judge close acquaintances.

When discussed, indignant at your type and behavior. When gossip about you is the most desirable news. These people might just want to get acquainted with you, but they are complex.

Nothing in the world is offended but unfair gossip.

Best status:
There are people who are constantly jealous and gossiping. I'm sorry for you. You don't know that you can enjoy what you have, look forward to others. Live with ease of heart.

He is special. He wasn't afraid to know her personally. He has everything and his opinion. He ignores gossip and surrounding. He gathered real friends and lovers. After all, he's real.

Some people struggle with gossip. Others live it. And I cover the category of those who just live. He lives - he loves, is friendly, creates, knows and is just happy every moment.

Live worthy And then no gossip can harm you. As a pinpong ball jumps over and over again. Until it stops without touching you.

Don't spread the word in the city of rumors. There's a phone for that. Yanina ipokhorskaya.

Gossip is not necessarily love, it is enough to get joy from them.

If the ears are used by the female gossip, change the ears: women are not repeated. Boris Trushkin.

Not just men, but also gossip sticks to beautiful women!

We dismissed gossip about the "end of the world" that our children fear a new year ...

the more you prove that you are not a camel, the more humps you grow on your back. (Via gossip)

Disguising the facts can spoil the best gossip.

The earth is full of rumors, the enemy is always easy to grasp - only the hearing is bad. Sunrise of a new day

Certificates are received, hairstyles are broken, shoes in a box and clothes on a hanger ... Childhood ended ... (c) me

Conversation is when three women stand on the corner to talk. Gossip - when one of them leaves.

I love it when they say for my back ... that confirms that I'm ahead !!!

There is nothing more stupid than all that Gleeper's gossip is. Georgy Aleksandrov.

For the lack of funds for food, our people feed on rumors. A V. Ivanov, Novocherkassk.

Rumors spread at the speed of a forest fire, and the tree trunks are human heads. Yuri Tatarkin.

Live only with rumors, they are easy to stupid. Leonid S. Sukhorukov Leonid S. Sukhorukov

Do not believe rumors until they are officially refuted.

He told her friend (he knew the gossip!) Secret ... I found out that only a big team could save a big secret! Here I am and where is the logic ?!

He said the Eng - emotion, spoke to someone else - already gossip.

It feels like others, my problems are concerned about their own. Sunrise of a new day

After the gossip, he saw no bigger freak than the invisible person. S. Luzan.

And harmful rumors can be useful when they are true. Veselin Georgiev.

Gossip - what we hear; News - what we say.

I don't like to listen to gossip about myself. So always go to headphones. ©

Highly inconspicuous rumors don't use popularity and don't go. Yuri Tatarkin.

They say about me \ u003e or \ u003e I like myself. Renata Litvinova.

Why, look into my eyes, do people say such good words, and behind their backs there is evil and gossip?

We shall be three of whom one is wounded; Also an inexperienced young man but will say they will say there are four ... K-F 'd'artagnan and three musketeers'

Wonder! Rumors spread at supersonic speeds!

You can use a rumor, but the base remains the point of view. Leonid S. Sukhorukov Leonid S. Sukhorukov

Every hearing hides the imaginary deafness. Leonid S. Sukhorukov.

Ansunless women become unspirited, conscientious - shy. LeSk Kuzor.

Gossip - opium suppressed. Jong Erika.

Gossip is a snowball, snow is human envy. Max

Long languages ​​... SAW hostility between neighbors and between nations. Walter Scott

Your name is worth something while trying to tilt inclination. Mikhail Mamchich.

The whisper is all woven. Creek Soul - Nobody

The shadow was placed on the lighted ceiling. Hands, leggable, feet, destiny.

Audiot - rumor specialists. Valery Afonchenko.

What's the difference, what it will look like when the gossip always catches a catch, and good friends all turn into one cheap site. Elena Ermolova.

The woman asks that the woman is only offered to exchange rumors.

When the gossips get older they become myths. Stanislav Hezhi Lts.

What is said in people then becomes a common property without a particular author. Quintilians

I'm just like that and I won't become, I'll come out of the house with a bright lipstick, off the neckline, skirt shorter ... gossip behind the back, someone wants something ...

Infectious information becomes full-fledged gossip

Whispering can be heard for everyone; Creek Soul - nobody ...

It's a shame that gossip breaks friendship into small pieces without learning this truth.

Times are ragged about the sun - they say, scared height. Valery Kazanzhanz

High heels, sweet kisses, milk chocolate, love, laughter, raspberry lipstick, friends, gossip, scandals, hysterics, champagne ...She's just trying to live. Don't bother.

Gossip ... some say it is bad, others, others without painting them, but the third, like me, just drag, learning a lot of new things ...

Gossip is only for low-minded people. Silov Ramishvili.

Whoever spread rumors he cast a virtue. Confucius

The gossip is the nine-catching Japanese Hydra who are hacked two heads in return. Agatha Christie.

Gossip, but from a reliable source.

Good gossip even piano. Igor Karpov.

The news lives on until rumors grow around it. Mikhail Mamchich.

Gossip among people goes like money. Silov Ramishvili.

Conspiracies put together by small minds against a person who shines with fame only certify that person's genius. Jonathan Swift

- Not only guys stick to the beautiful girls) - Yes? And what else? - still gossip, dear ... many woven!

Who gossips with you, he gossips about you. Spanish proverbs and sayings

Oh! Oh my God! What will the princess of Marya Alekshna say! Alexander Griboedov.

It is better to be little and believe in fairy tales than to be an adult and believe gossip!

Favorite gossip says: Smoke without fire doesn't happen.

I'm not a running machine - I behave diplomatically. I am not afraid - I am careful. I don't like gossip - I only hear opinions. I don't take bribes - I take signs. I am not changing - I am changing the situation

Nobody will tell gossip if nobody can listen. Marlene Dietrich.

do not forgive me trembling nor sadness. The heart expands: they were many. Cross our past. You, a friend, do not let them reach autumn. It means that winter will come soon: we will dream of other dreams. So there will be a raft of hands with someone.

i'm not angry, just a slut and my memory is good !!!

It is said that before death, before death, the Hippocrates wanted to spit on his oath and try to bribe the attending physician. Gennady Moskvin.

People don't clap, they just lay over us legends. Darius philosopher.

clap like chocolate, darker, the more I want to enjoy ...

Bad if many mutual friends with a man (alone gossip (alone gossip (

You can't believe everything you hear, but you can repeat it.

It's terrible to speak, but people only see what they want to see and only hear what they want to hear. On this characteristic of human nature, 90% of monstrous rumors, false reputations, sacred saved gossip are held. I disagree, I'll just ask to remind myself what they had to direct themselves.

Dark rumors fly at the speed of light. S. Sukhorukov.

We find ourselves in a viscous soil of conversation and rumor to carry the darkness of the demonic spirits. Valery Kazanzhanz

Do not listen to those who say bad things to others and say good things about you. Lion Nikolaevich Tolstoy.

I'm hysterical. I am unbearable. I am an egoist. I am great. I'm out of my rays, shiny, blind. I discharge feelings. I am an artist. I am the queen of a black piano. I am a gossip. I am not a couple at all. I am a charm. I am an intrigue. I am only a fragment. I am broken from the book \ u003d)

Dear Gossip: You open your mouth at the level of the dying level, not my direction.

When does the gossip grow, do they become myths?

Let it be a little gossip that should disappear between us. Faina Ranevskaya.

At the heart of every gossip lies proven immorality. Oscar Wilde

If there were taxes with chatter, the state would be very rich. Alexander Grachev.

The language without bones is not hunted, he sucks EU off his finger. Evgeny Khankin.

Gossip's Opinion: What you take away - she's a decent garbage, he's the same weed. Veselin Georgiev.

Conversation is when three women stand on the corner to talk. Gossip - when one of them leaves. Krautreiner.

It is necessary to live so as not to be afraid of selling your parrot the biggest gossip in town.

... In the area of ​​Solar Plexus I will save the summer as the happiest is the alcohol, our most ...

- Well how was the party? - Erund full! After a party, Masha invited me for a glass of wine. We packed, took off a little, then suddenly she turned off the light and separated by the dogg. Of course, I immediately realized that she was very tired and went home.

you are the queen of beauty in front, the queen is woven ...

I want to meet you and put in the face that I wouldn't relax! I have this gossip behind my back, tired of listening!

Do not think the gossip hears the heart and soul ...

Live so you won't be ashamed of selling a parrot to the main gossip in town.

I am terribly annoyed by people who first trust, they are put on the nose in my personal life, then clapping, after which a lot collapses ...

About me about me - a new sport ... Concete Lochushki!.

Dear gossip! You open your mouth at the level of stirring and not in my direction.

Mom i'm not gossip)) i just go shopping and seed)))

I'm tired of gossip friends! For me he's the best!

Anyone who claps with you will clap you.

Women are great gossip, but men gossip are no worse ...

I am not of those who, in envy and anger of others, are often my bones!

The holidays started recently and someone besides me wants to go to school ... where gossip, friends, beautiful boys .. ??

To stop the gossip, don't pay attention ...

I just want a friend. Boyfriend, no, not a girlfriend! You are gossip!

Dear Gossip: You open your mouth at the level of the dying level, not my direction.

You are the queen of beauty in front, the queen is woven ...

It is true that best friends can bring on white cation, but without them our life is not so rich.

Two men deceived a little relative of a woman.

It would be clear and fun when the gossip languages ​​grew up ... in the geometric progress of their gossip ...

I'm not an angel, a sinner without a doubt like everyone else ... no saints on earth ... Well, nafig, tell me, opinions, who of the filth is there an asshole?

Everything has to be experienced and evaluated. . . Misfortune, pain, betrayal, grief, gossip - everything has to skip everything through the heart.

It will always be special! After all, it's sincere, but there were always little people ...

Many relationships can only be broken by believing the gossip and not asking for another "and is it true" it "

A friend always gives a friend he needs, even if he doesn't ask for it. To be another means of not giving up even when a friend refuses.

Dear gossip and gossip! I'm not happy with it all happening. But now it is forced to write to you only so that you don't wait for fairy tales, they don't ask in PM and so on.

And for example, when I meet with girls, we don't clap and discuss everything and everyone :))))

Slowly pulled on one of his t-shirts and understood that I am selling the soul.

Wind, wind, you mighty. Smack you bitch, record!

Mute shield from many troubles, and the chatter is always harmful. The language of man is small and how many lives it sounds!

The gossip serves as consolation for women who don't like them and are no longer paying attention.

When conversations with "misfits" and "outliers" of information have to use a Diktoon ...

Don't call me with black envy, Envy Belaya - I enjoy communicating with brightened up people ...

Gossip for women - poison: killed in large doses, in small ...

There's nothing naughty when a man is with a woman with ...

Oh gossip! Oh, their stories! I love their royal mouths. Your ears, precise toilet bowls, uncomplicated and clean ...

I feed the liars and just gossip the fact that it benefits me. I don't even know, are you praising yourself or being quietly happy.

Status over gossip