How much are delivery drivers paid

Vehicle transfer drivers - drive a car and make money

For those who like to drive, the job of vehicle transfer is ideal. Anyone who has to drive for so many hours should be physically fit. Accidents can happen quickly due to tiredness and a decrease in concentration.

What does a vehicle transfer driver need?

Driving license

If it is only a part-time job, a vehicle transfer driver usually only needs a driver's license, technical understanding and a good sense of direction. Most employers don't want novice drivers for this job, nor anyone whose driving behavior is cause for concern.


Neither speeders nor drivers with a risky driving style are sought. The job of the vehicle driver is a job of trust. Since you are dealing with someone else's property, honesty, reliability and care are required.

A vehicle transfer driver constantly drives unfamiliar vehicles in areas he may never have been to. He should drive very well and adapt quickly to other vehicles.

Competence and friendliness

When the car is picked up from the customer or received by the customer, this must be recorded in a log. You should make a friendly and competent impression on your customers.

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Where can I find jobs as a vehicle transfer driver?

Here you can find jobs as a vehicle transfer driver:überführer

Job boards on the internet are a great place to start when looking for a job. But it is also worth asking personally at car dealerships or car rental companies. Especially when you have to tackle the same route more often.

Who do you work for as a vehicle transfer driver?

You can work independently as a vehicle transfer driver. Then you need red marks and a high degree of flexibility in terms of working hours. Some journeys also have to be made in the evening or at night or on the weekend.

Since some cars are also shipped abroad, you need a certain willingness to travel. If you have a truck driver's license, that's only an advantage, because then you naturally have more potential employers.

Some car dealerships, which mainly deliver in the surrounding area (approx. 300 km), also like to employ retirees. However, only on a € 450 basis. The job is ideal, especially for students who often have to commute long distances. Not only do you save on travel costs, but you also earn money traveling home.

Potential employers are, for example, car dealerships or car rental companies such as Sixt or Europcar.

What can I earn as a vehicle transfer driver?

In many cases, employers offer a fixed salary plus commissions or allowances. Expense allowances are paid if you have to go home by public transport after handing over a car to a customer.

Sometimes you are paid a flat rate per km. The hourly wage averages between € 10 and € 15.

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