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Top 10 Ecommerce Websites in Mexico 2019

Mexico is a medium-sized but rapidly growing market for online shopping. Not only dominated by American giants, there is also interesting competition with traditional department stores holding their own against pure e-commerce players struggling to expand their presence in this growing market.

The Mexican internet and e-commerce landscape already has tens of millions of users, but it is far from being mature. With 88 million internet users, Mexican internet users still make up only 67% of the total population of 131 million. Mexico is a middle-income country and Mexicans are quite used to e-commerce and its convenience. They often use mobile devices to access the internet and purchase a range of goods and services online, making Mexico a mature e-commerce market.

With the maturation of the Mexican market and a number of market participants, competition is already very intense. With some leeway but limited growth potential, local and overseas gamers are struggling to participate and position each other to attract the remaining online shoppers. Although historic US department stores have taken a huge place in the e-commerce market, as the market has matured, non-US department stores have also managed to become solid competitors, particularly the Mercado Libre de Mexico (originally from Argentina). Who managed to become the leader and beat Amazon.

Amazon is still a major competitor, but the Mexican e-commerce market appears to be occupied by traditional department stores, with Walmart Mexico and Mexican chains Liverpool and Coppel closely following these two market leaders before a number of other specialized and generalist chains of shops .

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List of the best Mexican ecommerce platforms with estimated traffic

To give you a better overview of the state of market competition in the Mexican e-commerce landscape, here are the ten leading providers of e-commerce platforms in Mexico in 2019 and their estimated monthly traffic from SimilarWeb as of March 2019 .

10. Best Buy Mexico

Best Buy is a leading consumer electronics retailer in the United States with operations in Canada, Mexico and China through a subsidiary. After developing its e-commerce store, Best Buy is selling its electronics and home appliances online to Mexican digital customers.

Website: - Estimated monthly traffic: 3.5 million visits

9. Ticketmaster Mexico

Ticketmaster is an American ticket sales and distribution company. Ticketmaster was founded in 1976 and originally sold tickets to concerts and events offline. The merger with Live Nation allowed Ticketmaster to expand further and produce live concerts in more than 50 countries. In the meantime, Ticketmaster has expanded its online presence in many countries, including Mexico, where it is now a major online ticket seller for music, sports and other events.

Website: - Estimated monthly traffic: 4.2 million visits

8. Home Depot Mexico

Home Depot is the largest hardware and home improvement retailer in the United States and also operates in Canada and Mexico. Home Depot sells tools, construction products, furniture for home and garden tools and related services in its brick-and-mortar stores and online shop.

Website: - Estimated monthly traffic: 5.2 million visits

7. Sears Mexico

Sears is an American department store chain operated by Grupo Carso in Mexico. Although Sears struggled in the US, Sears Mexico is doing well with more than 75 stores across Mexico. Sears also sells its products online, offering clothing and accessories, home appliances and furniture, cosmetics, tools, and electronics.

Website: - Estimated Monthly Traffic: 6.45 million visits

6. Sam’s Club Mexico

Sam’s Club is an American chain of retail warehouses owned by Sam’s West, Inc., a Walmart company. As a member-only store, Sam’s Club offers a range of electronics and home appliances, furniture, groceries, family and hygiene products. The company also sells its products online through an e-commerce platform that has captured a significant market share in Mexico.

Website: - Estimated Monthly Traffic: 7.4 million visits

5. Liverpool

Liverpool is a retail company that operates a department store chain in Mexico and is operated by El Puerto de Liverpool Limited. Through its stores as well as its online platform, Liverpool mainly sells clothing and accessories, electronics, home décor, furniture, toys and specialties across Mexico.

Website: - Estimated monthly traffic: 9.8 million visits

4. Walmart Mexico

Walmart is the world's largest retail company, operating hypermarkets, department stores, and grocery stores. Walmart is a leader in the United States and operates in Mexico through its subsidiary Walmart de Mexico, also known as Walmex, one of the largest companies in Mexico. The online shop sells a varied range of products, from food to electronics, from fashion to pharmacy, from household appliances to auto parts.

Website: - Estimated monthly traffic: 15.7 million visits

3. Coppel

Coppel was founded in Mexico in 1941 and is a department store chain. Coppel sold electronics, home decor, appliances, clothing and accessories, as well as auto parts, sporting goods and travel, and has been active through more than 20 brick and mortar stores as well as its online e-commerce platform.

Website: - Estimated monthly traffic: 17.6 million visits

2. Amazon Mexico

Founded in 1994 in the United States, Amazon started out as an online bookstore that later specialized in products such as media, electronics, apparel, furniture, groceries, toys, and jewelry. After expanding into many countries, including Mexico, Amazon has grown to become the undisputed leader in e-commerce in the US and worldwide, evolving into brick-and-mortar retail with the acquisition of the Whole Foods Market and the publishing and electronics sectors. Cloud computing, video streaming and production.

Website: - Estimated monthly traffic: 41.3 million visits

1. Mercado Libre Mexico

Mercado Libre Mexico, a marketplace developed by the Argentine e-commerce and payment company Mercado Libre, beats the American giants and is the market leader in e-commerce in Mexico. Mercado Libre enables people and businesses to sell their products in a wide variety of categories, from electronics and home appliances to cars and accessories, from fashion to toys and furniture to real estate. It is present in several Latin American countries and reaches more than 170 million customers and in particular a leading provider of e-commerce websites in Brazil.

Website: - Estimated monthly traffic: 108.5 million visits

Top Ecommerce Websites in Mexico Compared to Estimated Traffic

The estimated monthly traffic of the top 10 e-commerce platforms previously shows the dominance of Mercado Libre de Mexico and Amazon, which are well ahead of the other players with over 108 and 40 million monthly visits respectively. The first group of followers are the 15 million monthly visits to Coppel and Walmart Mexico. The number of followers is a little behind the traffic volume of 3 to 10 million visits per month.

Top Brands Doing Business Using Ecommerce in Mexico

In addition to these platforms, which are operated with a variety of products, some brands are particularly noteworthy due to their large reach of the Mexican online audience. Despite being in the non-supplying theatrical industry, Cinepolis and Cinemex still sell a lot of movie tickets through their websites with over 13 and 6 million visits a month respectively.

In addition, Volaris, a Mexican low-cost airline, also reaches a large audience with its website with more than 7 million visits per month. Although Volaris does not supply any products either, it sells airline tickets to a large number of customers, making it a leader in its online category.

Here are the top ecommerce platforms in Mexico. Have you ever bought goods or services from them? How was the experience, is the price cheaper and the delivery convenient? Let us know in the comments below!

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