Can I buy a 747 400

Boeing 747-400 Jumbo, Japanese Air Force - buy now!

An era ended in the spring of this year for the Japanese Air Self Defense Force (JASDF): since 1991, it had been using two Boeing 747-400s upgraded to VIP aircraft to transport high-ranking government officials. In April the jumbo pair was replaced by two Boeing 777-300s. On April 22nd, Japan's Prime Minister Shinzō Abe started for the first time with one of the two new "Triple Seven" on an eight-day trip abroad. As government aircraft, the aged jumbo jets had finally done their job. But the last chapter in the life of the Vierstrahler was by no means written.

Ben Sirimanne / Twitter
The two ex-JASDF jumbos on the Pinal Airpark site. While the aircraft is being prepared for a freighter career in the background, the other aircraft is to keep its VIP status.

Too good to end up as a freighter

JASDF sold both 747-400s to CSDS Aircraft Sales & Leasing of Los Angeles shortly after they were taken out of service. She had the ex-government jets transferred to Arizona at the end of July, where they have faced their further fate since then at the Pinal Airpark aircraft graveyard in Marana. Here, however, the common paths are now parting. Because while CSDS, according to their boss Ben Sirimanne, would like to convert one of the two jumbos into a freighter, the second machine, MSN 24730, is to be brought to the man in VIP configuration. Sirimanne comments on Twitter that he decided that this aircraft was too beautiful to be turned into a freighter. CSDS would like to have 28 million US dollars for the former pride of JASDF - around 25 million euros.

Ben Sirimanne / Twitter
The cockpit of the 747-400, once registered with the Japan Air Force as 20-1101. The cabin is currently being refurbished.

Few hours of flight, excellent condition

For the price mentioned, according to Ben Sirimanne, the buyer gets “a very young aircraft.” According to CSDS, the jumbo, now registered as N7474C, actually flew only 16,332 hours in its VIP career and has only 13,569 landings under its belt. "A Boeing 747-400 is certified for 165,000 flight hours and 65,000 flight cycles," says Sirimanne. In addition, the aircraft has always been maintained to the “highest possible standard”, is in perfect shape and looks like new all round, according to the CSDS product description on the sales portal "The aircraft is delivered freshly painted directly after the C-Check."

The Japanese Air Force Jumbos have always been serviced by Japan Airlines over the years. Apparently they are both in good condition.

"One of the most spectacular 747-400"

The cabin of the former Kaiser-Jumbo has 85 seats. Since a large part of the original equipment of both aircraft was expanded by JASDF before being sold in the USA and bequeathed to museums, the MSN 24730 is also to have a new bedroom, shower, lounge area and office. "It will not only be one of the least flown, but also one of the most spectacular 747-400 VIPs there are," enthuses Sirimanne. With its four CF-6-80C2B1F engines from General Electric, it can also fly up to 13,890 kilometers.

So if you happen to have 25 million euros in your account and don't know what to do with it: Ben Sirimanne and CSDS Aircraft Sales & Leasing look forward to hearing from you ...

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