Does this new fasting diet really work

Fastic Fasting App: Intermittent Fasting, Weight Loss, Diet

Intermittent fasting with the most popular fasting app: Fastic: Over 13 million people already use Fastic. The # 1 fasting app guides you to a new, healthier lifestyle. Lose weight effectively. Feel better and be more active! No diet. No yo-yo effect.

Is it really working?
Intermittent fasting has been shown to be beneficial faster weight loss. The body activates ketosis, the body's "fat burning phase". Millions already swear by this method of burning fat.

Is Intermittent Fasting Healthy?

Yes. The Nobel Prize winning fasting method is the most natural and safest Way to lose weight. Studies show that the interrupted food intake causes the body to take a break from digestion, thereby promoting useful processes.

Is the Fastic app suitable for me?

The fasting app offers different fasting plans and is equally suitable for Beginners and advanced, as for men and women. With your individual plan, you don't have to change your diet - it's easy.

Why Intermittent Fasting?

✔ The body's fat reserves are burned
✔ During fasting, a process of regeneration and detoxification starts
✔ The aging process slows down
✔ Can prevent diabetes
✔ For the prevention of many diseases such as heart ailments
✔ The growth hormone level increases and the metabolism is stimulated
✔ Feel more active and healthier
✔ The brain and body functions improve
✔ The most natural way to lose weight
✔ Live healthier and stay fit
✔ Lose weight without diet
✔ No yo-yo effect
✔ No calorie counting

😎 Start intermittent fasting for free

✔ 12 Intermittent Fasting Plans
✔ Body status - find out what is happening in your body right now
✔ Start losing weight without registering
✔ Adjust fasting and meal times
✔ Fasting timer
✔ Water tracker with reminder function
✔ Constant further development of the fasting app
✔ Suitable for beginners and advanced users
✔ Weight loss method for men and women
✔ Ideal for building muscles / weight training
✔ Lose weight easily & effectively
✔ Google Fit synchronization possible
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🤝 Become part of the Fastic + Community and achieve your goals even faster

🥇 Guided program - achieve goals faster
🥇 Daily schedule adapted to your needs
🥇 Individual nutrition plans
🥇 Exciting challenges
🥇 Over 400 delicious and healthy fasting recipes
🥇 Tips for intermittent fasting in everyday life
🥇 Measure body weight and progress
🥇 Exciting statistics
🥇 Fasting timer / fasting tracker: Easily measure your eating habits
🥇 Receive scientifically relevant fasting tips for losing weight

🚀Long term benefits

● The most natural way to lose weight
● Maintain ideal weight over the long term
● Strengthen the immune system through immune cell regeneration during ketosis
● Weight loss boost through stimulation of the metabolism and burning of body fat reserves
● Use the body's detoxification processes
● Have more energy and be more active
● Improved concentration
● Better skin
● More peaceful sleep
● Prevent diseases like heart disease & diabetes
● Can help with allergies and inflammation
● The natural anti-aging process is activated

Customize your fasting times with 12 different intermittent fasting plans

✅ Starter fasting plan - 12:12 | 13:11 | 14:10
✅ Advanced Plans - 15: 9 | 16: 8 | 17: 7
✅ Professional fasting plans - 18: 6 | 19: 5 | 20: 4

What are you waiting for?

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Fastic Plus 3-in-3 guarantee:

Intermittent fasting is not suitable for pregnant / breastfeeding women, children under the age of 18, or people with diagnosed eating disorders.

* Individual results may vary.