Are fast foods nutritious

Healthy fast food: the best choice when you have to go fast

Table of Contents

  1. Healthy fast food - is that even possible?
    1. Fastfood
    2. Fast doesn't mean unhealthy
  2. Healthy alternatives to go
    1. Buddha bowls:
    2. Asian dishes
    3. Smoothies
  3. Take your time
  4. Just make fast food yourself
  5. Practical snacks for on the go
  6. Knowledge to take away

Healthy fast food - is that even possible?

In front of greasy burgers, french fries with mayo and ketchup, plus sugary soft drinks - this is how we imagine fast food. No wonder, because that was still the case until a few years ago.


Fast food literally just means fast food. The meals are produced for quick consumption, often even in front of the guest. Usually the time between ordering and receiving the food is less than ten minutes.

Fast doesn't mean unhealthy

Even if the term does not refer to the ingredients and ingredients, but more to the preparation of the food, classic fast food is rather unhealthy. Most of the time it has a lot of energy and hardly any essential nutrients. The typical products that are available at the drive-in counter, in the snack bar, in the kebab shop or from the delivery service are high in fat and calories. Pizza, french fries, currywurst and croque, for example, are among the usual suspects. However, there are many light and tasty alternatives that you can use to eat healthily on the go.

The term fast food simply means fast food. Today there are now many equally time-saving, smart, nutrient-rich alternatives.

Healthy alternatives to go

Buddha bowls:

This food trend has hit like a bomb. No wonder, because the colorful bowls are not only colorful and beautiful to look at, they are also full of nutrients. Whether with salmon, chickpeas or goat cheese - with the large selection everyone will find the right choice. As a rule, Buddha bowls consist of a carbohydrate side dish such as rice, quinoa or buckwheat, lots of vegetables and a protein component such as meat or legumes.

Various toppings, such as fresh mint, pumpkin seeds or nuts, spice up the whole thing. You can get the trendy bowls almost everywhere - a smart and above all delicious alternative to fatty fast food that you can easily make yourself.

Asian dishes:

There are big differences here, but traditionally Asian dishes contain a lot of vegetables as well as rice or noodles. Don't opt ​​for the fried duck or the greasy fried noodles here. Also choose your Asian snack wisely. A light meal with plenty of crunchy vegetables, not too much fat, and tofu or chicken is a great way to fill yourself up with a nutrient-rich combination of vegetables and proteins in a short amount of time on the go. Freshly made sushi and soups are also better options.


Smoothies are ideal for a quick vitamin and energy injection. Since you drink your meal here, the intestines hardly have to do any digestive work and there is no food hangover. When making smoothies, make sure that they contain vegetables as well as fruits. Ready-mixed and packaged drinks often contain mainly fruit (mostly a large part of it is juice) and therefore a lot of fructose.

Prefer green smoothies that also have a vegetable component. If it contains oat flakes, nuts, almond butter or yoghurt, the drink will fill you up even more. The same applies here: Those who mix themselves are on the safe side.

Buddha bowls, selected Asian dishes and low-sugar smoothies are healthy fast food for on the go.

Take your time

Eat as best you can, even when you are out and about. Often we rush to the next appointment with our food in hand, although we could take it a little more slowly. Even when you are out and about: take ten minutes to enjoy your meal. Sit on a bench on the meadow in the park. If there is no other way, you can also eat in peace while standing: chew thoroughly and do not swallow.

It is not only what we eat that counts, but also how we eat it. Eating slowly has numerous benefits:

  • You eat more consciously and enjoy more
  • You are full longer
  • You better chew
  • Your bowels have less work to do and you avoid indigestion
  • Your body can absorb the nutrients better
  • Eating becomes a break in everyday life
If you eat slowly and chew well, you will be full faster and longer and avoid digestive problems.

Just make fast food yourself

When you create your own fast food, you choose the ingredients and determine what is in your food. You also avoid unpleasant surprises because you know best what you like.

Meal prep

The good old pre-cooking has become a trend under the name Meal Prep. You do not need any special cooking skills and the stove does not necessarily have to be used. The recipes are prepared in no time and are ideal for a lunch break or a meal on the go. With the weekly meal prep plans from EAT SMARTER, you no longer have to worry about your lunch break.

Fast food classics such as burgers, fries and the like can be found here in smart variations.

With Meal Prep you save time and energy and always have a healthy meal with you.

Practical snacks for on the go

When it comes to snacks, the supermarket shelves offer plenty of choice. Bars, drinks and snacks are often high in sugar. The bad thing about it: the blood sugar yo-yo. With high-sugar snacks, you can quickly get your blood sugar high. In the first moment you feel awake and have a real burst of energy. However, the high often doesn't last long: the blood sugar drops again and you need the next kick.

Therefore, make sure that your snacks contain protein and therefore less sugar. This way the blood sugar level rises only slowly and you can benefit from it for longer. The most important thing is a smart combination of protein, complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. The best snacks are still the simplest:

  • Fruit, such as berries, bananas or pears, and a handful of nuts
  • Herbal quark with raw vegetables such as peppers or carrots
  • Boiled egg and whole wheat rolls
  • Whole grain bread sandwich with lettuce, avocado, tomatoes and topping of your choice
  • Energy balls
If you always have a healthy snack with you, you avoid ending up with fat and sugar bombs from the bakery.

Knowledge to take away

When we think of fast food, we think of greasy pizza and salty fries. But basically, the English term actually only means fast food.

This, in turn, is now also available in healthy variants. If you keep your eyes open, you will find bowls with crunchy vegetables, nutritious smoothies and colorful Asian dishes with lots of vegetables. Another trend that protects us from high-calorie fast food is meal prep: the good old pre-cooking.

You can also easily prepare the fast food classics such as burgers and pizza as a smart variant.

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