Makes Mark Zuckerberg cocaine

Data scandal on Facebook

Data scandal on Facebook

Dates (always plural) - here: the personal information

Scandal - an event that upsets and angry many people

use something - use something; Make use of something

Company, - (n.) - the Company

to be criticied - be publicly criticized

social network, social networks (n.) - a website through which you can communicate with other people

to connect - here: communicating with others via the Internet

to exchange something - here: share something with someone

make profit - earn more money than spend

Percent, -e (n.) - a part of a hundred; part of a whole; the amount

Billionaires - someone who owns at least $ / € 1,000,000,000

User (from English) - the user; here: someone who uses a site on the internet

Analysis company (s) - a company that evaluates something (e.g. data)

Campaign team, -s (n.) - here: people who support a politician in the election

Account, accounts (n.) - here: a personal page in a social network

delete something - here: ensure that certain content is no longer there or can no longer be seen; remove something

to make a compromise - agree; find a common solution

place something - here: put advertising on a website

to | agree with someone - here: allow something

to hire | someone - to give somebody work; give someone a job

Sequence, -n (f.) - here: the consequence; The effect

Expert - a person who knows a lot about a subject