Why are military documents released?

(1) Sensitive documents are documents that originate from the institutions, the institutions created by them, from the Member States, third countries or international organizations and and in accordance with the provisions of the institutions concerned for the protection of fundamental interests of the European Union or one or more Member States in the Article 4 (1) (a), in particular public security, defense and military matters, are classified as "TRĂˆS SECRET / TOP SECRET", "SECRET" or "CONFIDENTIEL".

(2) Requests for access to sensitive documents under the procedures set out in Articles 7 and 8 shall only be dealt with by persons who are authorized to inspect these documents. Without prejudice to Article 11 (2), these persons also decide which references to sensitive documents can be included in the public register.

(3) Sensitive documents are only listed or released in the register with the consent of the author.

(4) The decision of an institution to refuse access to a sensitive document shall be justified in such a way that the interests protected by Article 4 are not prejudiced.

5. Member States shall take appropriate measures to ensure that requests for access to sensitive documents are processed in accordance with the principles set out in this Article and in Article 4.

(6) The institutions' provisions on sensitive documents are made public.

(7) The Commission and the Council shall inform the European Parliament of sensitive documents in accordance with the rules agreed between the institutions.

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