Is 10K gold worth the price

What does "carat" mean in gold?

Gold in its pure form is too soft to be used as such by jewelers. It would bend or break soon. Hence, gold is always mixed with other metals like silver, copper and / or nickel to make it harder. This is known as an alloy.

If you own 8 karat or 333 jewelry, it means your jewelry contains 33.3% pure gold and the rest is other metals. 14 karat jewelry has a percentage of 58.5% pure gold and at 18 karat the percentage of pure gold is 75%.

Other carat sizes are used abroad.
Turkish, Moroccan or Indonesian gold sometimes has 20 or 22 carats. This means that the gold has more than 90% pure gold particles.
There is also foreign gold that is only 9 or 10 carats. It contains only a small amount of pure gold, i.e. i.e. the gold content is less than half.

The gold scales accept all sizes of carat in payment.

We use a special test procedure to determine how many carats the object has and thus we can determine how much pure gold it contains. On this basis and the current daily gold rate, we offer you the highest price for your gold.

It is a similar story with silver, except that it does not speak of carat, but "content". The lowest amount of silver is found in some types of cutlery. Sometimes only 6 to 10% silver is present here. Most of the silver is in silver jewelry, which can have a content of 835 or 925 and thus consists of 83.5 or 92.5% pure silver. Silver coins have lower silver contents, e.g. B. 5 or 10 DM coins are an alloy of 625, i. i.e. the content is 62.5% pure silver and the remainder includes other metals.

The gold scales buy all types of silver, regardless of their content.

Just be aware that silver is worth a lot less than gold. Because the value of gold at the current prices is approx. 58 times higher than the value of silver.

In gold, the following designations are used for the alloy / carat number:

333 = 8 carats (875) = 21 carats
375 = 9 carats 900 = (21.6 carats)
(416) = 10 carats 916 = 22 carats
585 = 14 carats 986 = (23 2/3 carats)
750 = 18 carats 999 = 24 carats