Where can I study daemonology

Announcements by the university management:

06/21/01 Test upload of some finished parts
07/11/01 Haklar demon, Drokken, Toth
08/06/01 Eyghon, Norman Pfister
05.01.02 Volume 4: Vampires in Pylea
01/12/02 Bezoar, the child's death
02/19/02 Ovu Mobani
01.03.02 personal monster, Lurconis, Kulak
04/21/02 Love spells, illusion spells, Harbringer
04/26/02 absolutely evil
04/29/02 Hansel and Gretel
04/30/02 Unveiling Charm
05/02/02 Protection spells
05/22/02 Spells from the Hebron Almanac
May 23, 2002 Advising Spirits, Sisterhood of the Jhe
05/27/02 Balthazar, El Eliminati, amulet
05/29/02 Creation of a temporal fold
06/17/02 Ascent, consecration, Gavrock, Atropyx
06/27/02 Olvukan, Hellhounds, Lohash, Gavrock animals
07/30/02 Mok'targar
08/10/02 Slod, Shur-hod, Lu-rite
08/20/02 Nester, Gachnar, directional magic
08/21/02 Atavistic magic, heartbreaking magic
09.10.02 Hus, spirit of vengeance of the Chumash, ritual to go with it
10/9/02 Fixed an error in the demon list
11/12/02 My will be done!
11/19/02 Pargo Demon and 3 others
12.12.02 Volume 5 of the Vampirstandardwerke has been published!
02.01.03 The gentlemen and their companions, inflammation magic
3/20/03 Fyarl Demon
3/30/03 Prince Barvain
07/06/03 Synchronicity exercise with a rose
07/17/03 Card Magic
07/21/03 Doll's eye crystal
08/26/03 Polgara and an unnamed demon
Study requirements:

Knowledge of and an exceptional interest in the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.