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Social Code (SGB) Volume Four (IV) - Common provisions for social insurance - (Article I of the law of December 23, 1976, Federal Law Gazette I p. 3845)
ยง 8 Minor employment and minor self-employment

Unofficial table of contents
(1) Marginal employment exists if
the remuneration from this employment does not regularly exceed 450 euros per month,
the employment within a calendar year is usually limited to a maximum of three months or 70 working days depending on its nature or is contractually limited in advance, unless the employment is carried out professionally and its remuneration exceeds 450 euros per month.
(2) When applying paragraph 1, several marginal employment according to number 1 or number 2 as well as marginal employment according to number 1 with the exception of one marginal employment according to number 1 and non-marginal employment are to be added together. There is no longer any marginal employment as soon as the requirements of paragraph 1 no longer apply. If, when adding up according to sentence 1, it is found that the requirements for part-time employment are no longer present, the insurance obligation only comes into effect on the day on which the decision on the insurance obligation according to Section 37 of Book 10 by the collection agency according to Section 28i sentence 5 or a other pension insurance providers will be announced. This does not apply if the employer intentionally or grossly negligently failed to clarify the facts for the insurance law assessment of the employment.
(3) Paragraphs 1 and 2 apply accordingly if self-employed work is carried out instead of employment. This does not apply to employment promotion law.