What's the most overrated thing

Wedding: 5 things that are absolutely overrated

Every bridal couple has their own wishes and ideas, so it may be that not all of you agree to our 5 overrated things about a wedding. Each of you value certain things and not other things. The things that are overrated correspond to our personal opinion and our experiences.

For example, if you can't do without one of the things we list, that's perfectly legitimate. It's your wedding and that's why it should take place the way you want it to be. Our overview is only intended as a reference or inspiration.

5 things that are overrated at the wedding

Thing number 1 is overrated: slide show

If a slide show is prepared as a surprise by the groomsmen or the guests, it definitely happens out of a good idea. You want to make people laugh or to evoke memories. Our experience so far was that the slide shows were always too long.

So far, everything from 10 minutes to 30 minutes was included. And a slide show of 10 minutes to 12 minutes is just too long! For you as the bridal couple, it is very entertaining, emotional and also interesting to see which pictures were selected. But for 99 percent of the guests it's just boring and they just switch off after a short time.

A cool alternative, however, is: let a slide show run silently in the background. For example, we were at a wedding, when the marriage proposal and the wedding ceremony were played back and forth in a silent loop on a screen at the entrance. We found that very interesting, so we took a look at it.

Such a slide show in the background can also be designed with images of children, adolescents and applications. Then anyone who wants to see it can watch the slide show - even casually.

Thing number 2 is overrated: long guest posts

We always recommend our bridal couples, or the groomsmen, who often collect the guest posts: limit it to a maximum of 15 minutes per guest post! A maximum of 10 minutes, that's how long the speeches should go.

For example, we were at a wedding where the groom's father spoke for at least 20 minutes. 99 percent of the guests switched off after a certain period of time. This speech was about the entire life story of his son - that's too much.

Here, too, to be aware of the fact that such a speech is certainly interesting for the bridal couple, but not for the guests!

The same goes for the games too! We think wedding games are great, but some service providers are not fans of them. Games can be fun, entertaining and fun - especially if you involve the guests. But the same applies here: a maximum of 10 minutes per game! Otherwise it gets boring quickly.

Thing number 3 is overrated: opening dance

Please don't get it wrong: we love opening dances! They are the prelude to the wedding party, after which it really starts. For us, this overrated thing is more about the fact that bridal couples make a lot of stress due to the opening dance. For example, they are very nervous, take extra dance lessons, want to come up with outstanding choreography, etc.

With this point we just want to tell you not to drive yourself too crazy! If you "only" go to the right or to the left during the dance, it is completely sufficient. The guests just want to see you dance together, a back and forth chatter is enough. You don't have to dance through a whole song for it.

However, if you as a bridal couple want to learn a choreography and take dance lessons for it, that's fine too. It's about you and your dream wedding!

Thing number 4 is overrated: favors

The party favors are a big issue. There are good favors, there are favors that have no meaning and there are favors because you just have to have favors - and 90 percent of them stay where they are. For example, at a wedding there were mini potted plants that were not taken away at the end! Of course, one is also sorry about that, because the bride and groom also notice it.

Whatever is a good idea: something to eat or something to drink. This can also be used up during your wedding. Items like the classic key ring are not good favors for a party. From experience we can say that such items are not used and either remain lying around or end up in the trash - and that would be a shame!

Thing number 5 is overrated: tears of joy, wedding walls, wedding bubbles

These overrated things cost a lot of money and especially a lot of time if you make them yourself. Wedding walls are bells with a bow on a stick. They are used to receive the newlyweds after the wedding. That is of course quite nice, but still something like this is only used for a few seconds. Tears of joy are also something beautiful, but guests often still use the handkerchiefs they have brought with them.

Similar to the guest favors: such things are often left lying around. And so they are not worth the time invested in handicrafts!


Maybe we were able to get you guys to pause for thought with the 5 things we think are overrated about a wedding. However, we would like to emphasize again that every bride and groom has their own opinion and this list is not generally valid!

The important thing is that you meet your wishes and ideas and represent your interests when planning your wedding. We would like to give you tips based on our experiences and share our thoughts. “Overrated” does not mean that you have to do without these things. Most of the time, too much is interpreted into these things or too high expectations are set.

Greetings, your Rebekka 🙂


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