What are Instagram's digital marketing strategies

Guide: Fashion Marketing on Instagram with practical examples

Instagram has long been an integral part of a timely marketing strategy. It's a channel that lends itself to visual marketing. The fashion industry is increasingly using Instagram to reach customers and interested followers all over the world. This post shows best practice examples of how fashion companies use Instagram as an effective marketing tool. Influencer marketing is also used here.

Instagram uses the power of images

Studies show that Instagram is becoming more and more popular the Developed a photo platform and supplanted Pinterest. A few years ago it was “just” a companion portal to Facebook, where beautiful and funny pictures were posted, but it has now become a serious marketing tool. Even if there are many other social media with a photo focus (such as flickr, tumblr or Pinterest), pictures on Instagram appear more imaginative, aesthetic and creative.

With its functions (from boomerangs, videos, reels, etc.) Instagram offers many visual forms of use and is therefore so attractive for the fashion industry. Because here everything lives from the visual! I also gave a lecture on this: my inaugural address as Marketing Professor at Fresenius University: “Digital Marketing in the Fashion Industry”.

Instagram in fashion marketing

In the fashion world, Instagram is the evolution of fashion shows. Users can follow and rate the latest outfits from the front row. At the same time, they can take a look behind the scenes with videos and gain interesting insights. The impressions are shared directly with the community. Creativity is the potential here. Here are a few examples of how fashion companies use Instagram for their fashion marketing.

Influencer marketing using the example of Fashion Nova

The most successful fashion brand on Instagram is currently the Los Angeles-based label Fashion Nova. Over 12 million followers and almost 12,500 influencers who spread the brand, but only around 700 of them are paid for. The secret: an intelligent marketing strategy! The label sells clothing for curvy young women and has focused on stars from an early age. For example, US rapper Cardi B. mentions the label in her songs and is working on her own collections. There are other paid collaborations with Kylie Jenner or Nicki Minaj. They help the brand reach millions of followers.

Every customer can act as an influencer. Fashion Nova promises anyone who posts on Instagram wearing the brand's clothes to get onto the company's Instagram page. In this way they stir up the social media star hype that slumbers in many and also spread the brand through micro-influencers.

Fashion Nova's strategy includes sharing a post every half hour that shows something new from the collection or takes the followers behind the scenes at a photo shoot. According to the Similar Web analysis tool, the label's website has almost 14 million visits per month.

Zalando relies on trendy image design

With over 500,000 subscribers, the Zalando brand is one of the most successful Instagram channels in Germany. You concentrate on product images with classic filters or on wistful landscapes.

The channel should look stylish and meet the taste of the followers. It's about inspiring and creating a passion for the brand in your followers.

Zara uses Instagram campaigns

The Spanish fashion label Zara is converting Instagram into a lookbook. Product photos are the focus here. The photos are staged with models in such a way that followers can leaf through Instagram stories as if through a catalog. There are also regular videos that artfully depict clothing in moving images.

This keeps the attention on the products and makes the content entertaining. Zara regularly develops campaigns to highlight the content thematically. For example the Timeless campaign, which presents timeless, elegant fashion and is distributed by top models from the 90s on their Instagram channels.

Tommy Hilfiger uses video campaigns

The American fashion label Tommy Hilfiger often picks out certain target groups, depending on the collection, and tailors video campaigns accordingly. For example, for the “Tailored” men's collection for young Latin Americans.

In order to reach this target group, there were videos in cooperation with celebrities like tennis player Rafael Nadal, who also embodies the target group. The campaign had three times more video views than other campaigns and sales of the collection increased 28 percent.

Adidas brand-fair world of images on Instagram

Adidas uses imagery that strategically reflect the brand identity. In addition to the fashionable Adidas sports shoes, renowned influencers from the ecosystem and cool events are placed. It is helpful to have a collection of photos that match the brand so that you can use the right photos on the fly. Adidas has built a large community with content and influencer marketing (May 7, 2019):

Conclusion: Instagram promotes the success of strategic brand management and is predestined for fashion marketing due to the visual possibilities. It is important to design the Instagram campaigns in a creative, brand-oriented and customer-centric way. We would be happy to advise you on your content strategy or influencer marketing. Just write us an email.