What are some research topics in linguistics

Major in general linguistics, linguistics

Linguistics examines the phenomenon of language in the broadest sense. One of the most important tasks of this subject is to analyze the grammatical structure of languages ​​from different parts of the world. For this, in-depth study of various languages ​​is essential. The focus is less on a single language than on the higher-level abstract structures and the description and investigation methods required for them. Since the diversity of human language forms is declining sharply as a result of globalization, general linguistics also has the important task of documenting languages ​​threatened with extinction for posterity.

Multilingualism research

Multilingualism research is a strongly interdisciplinary master’s degree program that is only offered at the University of Friborg in Switzerland. It deepens the theoretical concepts of multilingual competence as well as how it works, its structure in controlled (mostly school-based) and uncontrolled communication contexts and how it is embedded in the historical, social and political environment.

S. P., Linguistics in the 4th semester at the University of Bern UNIBE.

"My focus is on the trans-Himalayan language family and the Elamite language, which was spoken in what is now southern Iran around 4000 years ago."

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Anyone considering studying general linguistics should have an in-depth interest in the precise analysis of the structure, origin and use of different languages. You also need to enjoy comparing, drawing conclusions, reading and writing texts and communicating the content you have elaborated orally.
Anyone studying linguistics should like to spend a lot of time reading texts (some of which are very old sources). The production of texts (e.g. seminar papers, bachelor thesis) also takes up a lot of space in this course. A large part of the total time invested (sometimes almost half) is worked at home or in the library. This is where the texts for the seminars are read and presentations and papers are written. Independence and motivation are therefore important prerequisites for studying general linguistics.

To study general linguistics, knowledge of Latin (in exceptional cases also knowledge of Greek) is sometimes required. The current information on this can be found on the websites of the universities.

Research topics

Some examples of linguistic research topics are:

  • A digital dictionary for the Blackfoot language
  • Analyzing discourse & interaction in social media: new methodological challenges?
  • Documenting an Indigenous Language of Colombia
  • Les facteurs familiaux du développement langagier bilingue des migrants
  • The influence of the social environment on the acoustic structure of primate (vervet monkey) and non-primate (wolves) vocalizations

Admission, registration and start of studies

Information on admission to the various universities as well as on registration and the start of studies can be found under Admission, Registration, Start of Studies.