Which services are similar to IFTTT

Use powerful services wisely

Distributed services offer a lot of added value

An example illustrates the enormous possibilities that the interaction of distributed systems on the Internet offers us. Simply use the cloud services to implement seemingly complex tasks quickly and easily. Our task: We want to control the IoT kit remotely via Alexa voice command and thus determine the color of the neopixel. Similarly, Alexa could also switch a digital output (and also open / close the garage door via a relay, control the washing machine or coffee machine). But to do this step by step:

IFTTT: The Swiss Army Knife in the Cloud

The central element is an application for linking different services: IFTTT (If ... this ... then ... that) offers the possibility of linking devices and programs from different manufacturers using simple rules. From the smart coffee machine to the lighting control, Twitter, music services and VoIP (Voice over IP) on the smartphone, pretty much everything from the consumer world is gathered there. Simple app services of the form "If ... then ..." link events (triggers) with instructions (actions). For example, the receipt of an e-mail from a certain sender (trigger) can ensure that the living room lighting flashes green (action). Apparently complex programming tasks can be solved with just a few kicks.

MQTT: The protocol of the professionals

A cloud application with an IFTTT connection is Adafruit's MQTT broker. In contrast to the already known Thingspeak