Who avenged Julius Caesar

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Third scene

[254]Another part of the battlefield.

Turmoil. Enter Cassius and Titinius.


Oh look, Titinius! see! The villains flee.

I myself became an enemy of my own people:

This our banner turned to escape,

I struck the fig and snatched it from him.


O Cassius! Brutus spoke too soon.

He bets at an advantage over Octavius

Too hot after: his army began to plunder,

Meanwhile, Mark Antony surrounds us all.

Pindarus is coming.[254]


Lord, keep fleeing! Flee further away!

Anthony is in your tents, Lord:

Therefore, noble Cassius, flee! Flee far away!


The hill here is wide enough. - Look look',

Titinius! Aren't these my tents

Where do I see the fire?


Yes, my general.


If you love me, Titinius, so mount '

My horse, put the spurs in his side,

Until it brought you to that team

And again: so that I know for sure

Whether that team is a friend or an enemy.


I'm here again like a thought.



Go, Pindarus, climb higher on the hill,

Because my face is short; watch out for Titinius!

And tell me what you discover in the field!

Exit Pindarus.

On this day I first breathe:

The time is up, and should I end there

Where I started: my life has a cycle

Done. - You there, what's up?


O Lord!


What's up?


Titinius is completely surrounded by horsemen,

They race towards him, but he continues to spur on.

Now they are already close to him - well, Titinius!

You dismount - he too - he is caught, -

And listen! they cheer loudly.

Shouts of joy.


Just get down, don't watch any more. -

O coward who I am to live so long

Until I have the best friend in front of my eyes

Must see trapped!

Pindarus comes back.

Come here, fellow!

I make you a prisoner in Parthia,

And made you swear, your life saver

What I always do you was called 'you want

Do it. Come on now, keep the oath!

Be free now, and with this good sword,

Pierced Caesar's body, hit that breast!

Do not answer anything! Here you take hold of the notebook,

And is my face covered as it is now

So lead the sword! - Caesar, you have been avenged,

And with the same sword that killed you.

He dies.


So I'm free, but I'd rather not be

If it had been based on me. - O Cassius!

Pindarus flies far from this land,

To where a Roman never notices.


Enter Titinius and Messala.


It is only an exchange, Titinius; because Octav

Was struck by the might of noble Brutus,

Like Cassius' legions from Antony.


The newspaper will be very refreshing for Cassius.


Where do you read it!


Quite bleak next to him.

His slave, Pindarus, on this hill.


Isn't that he who is lying on the floor?


He's not lying there as if alive. - O my heart!


Not true? he is it?


No, it was him, Messala:

But Cassius is no more. - O evening sun!

As you sink in your red rays

So the day of Cassius was drowned in blood.

The sun of Rome was setting; our day

Has fled: now clouds, dew,

Hazards; our deeds are done.

Suspicion in my success killed him.


Suspicion in a good outcome killed him!

O hateful madness! sadness child!

What are you showing people's lively joke [256]

What is not? O delusion, received so soon!

You never get a happy birth

And kill the mother who made you!


Up, Pindarus! Where are you, Pindarus?


Find him, Titinius; meanwhile I want to

To the noble Brutus and pierce his ear

With the report. I call it piercing

For sharp steel and poisonous arrows would

So welcome to the ear of Brutus

As a message of this sight.


Hurry, Messala!

In the meantime I am looking for Pindarus.

Messala off.

Why sent me out, my brave Cassius?

Didn't i meet your friends Put them

Not that victory wreath on my forehead

Bring him to you Didn't you hear her cheering?

Oh, you have misinterpreted every circumstance!

But wait, take this wreath around your forehead;

Your Brutus bade me give it to you, I did

Do his bidding. - Come on quickly, Brutus,

And see how I honored Cajus Cassius!

Forgive you gods! - This is a Roman custom:

Come on, Cassius' sword! meet Titinius too!

He dies.

Turmoil. Messala comes back with Brutus, the young Cato, Strato, Volumnius and Lucilius.


Where? Where, Messala? Tell me where is the corpse?


See there! Titinius mourns beside her.


Titinius' face is turned up.


He is slain.


O Julius Caesar! You are still powerful!

Your spirit goes about: it is he, our swords

Turns into our own bowels.

Loud commotion.[257]


My brave friend Titinius! Look here

How he crowned the dead Cassius!


And are two Romans still alive, this one the same?

You last of all Romans, goodbye!

It is impossible that Rome should ever be like you

Should generate. - This dead man, friends,

I owe more tears than you do here

Will see me pay: but, Cassius,

I find the time, I find the time.

So come and send his corpse to Thassos:

He is not to be buried in the camp;

It knocks us down. - Come on, Lucilius!

Come on, young Cato! To the whale place!

You, Flavius ​​and Labeo, let our troops move!

It is three o'clock and, Roman, before night

Let's try luck in a second battle.

All off.