Will TikTok 2019 replace Instagram

The best Instagram alternatives at a glance

The influencers are likely to have been attracted by the developer's vision, with Vero a real alternative to the top dog Instagram and other long-established social media platforms: In keeping with the name (“Vero” is Italian for “truth”) and the slogan “True Social”, the aim is to tackle typical industry grievances head-on. That means: no advertising, no user data collection and also no annoying algorithmwho pre-curates content. This promise has led to Vero being considered “the next Instagram” in some places. But can the app live up to this claim?

In any case, the fact is that the large social networks such as Facebook and Twitter were initially free of advertising and algorithms. It is also criticized as a bit hypocritical that you have to give your phone number when registering a new account. In addition, Vero should not remain freely accessible forever: chargeable, albeit cheap Subscriptions are intended to secure the financing of the app in the future. A specific price and its introduction are not yet known - in view of the prevailing technical problems the developers decided to extend their "Free for Life" offer, which should only apply to the first million users, until further notice. So it's worth jumping on the bandwagon now and perhaps becoming an “early adopter” of a new, up-and-coming photo network.