What is your favorite household cleaner smell?

Bio-cleaner Experience the power of nature!

Animal cleaning, grooming:

This cleaner effortlessly dissolves all kinds of dirt in your favorite's fur and makes it soft and easy to comb at the same time. In addition, dirt and germs can be removed from between the claws and paw pads. Active ingredients have a calming and healing effect. This is how you protect your four-legged friend from aggressive environmental influences.

Car care for outside and inside:

The organic cleaner ensures a matt shine, which is retained longer than with conventional cleaners thanks to the protective layer. The layer of dirt on the rims can also be easily removed after spraying.

Choose your personal favorite fragrance:

  • Japanese mint oil: invigorating, tingling, fresh
  • Lavandin oil: stimulating, harmonizing
  • Clove oil: has a stimulating effect on the brain
  • Cinnamon oil (cassia oil): opens the senses and promotes creativity
  • Lemon oil: has a refreshing and cleansing effect
  • Peppermint oil: fresh, invigorating, stimulating
  • Orange oil: harmonizing and exhilarating, refreshing
  • Aroma oil - Advent: harmonizing, regenerating
  • Aroma oil - rose: warm, harmonizing, regenerating
  • Aromatic oil - cinnamon-vanilla: relaxing, regenerating
  • Aromatic oil - jasmine: lifts the mood, calms the nerves

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