Where is the greatest demand for programmers

Haskell in the salary front, JavaScript most in demand

Top 10 Programming Languages ​​- Salary and Demand

For June 2015, the career research platform MSGooroo analyzed almost 500,000 job advertisements for programmers with regard to the language skills in demand and the expected average annual income. The results - which programming language is most in demand and which one makes the most money - we have summarized here.

MSGooroo bloggers examine 25 programming languages ​​each month for income opportunities and vacancies. However, the analysis only includes data from various job portals in the USA, Great Britain and Australia. In addition, many of the languages ​​are found in less than one percent of all job postings, which is why niche languages ​​such as Haskell, Lua or Prolog do not appear in the general analysis.

Top 10 most popular programming languages

The following table shows the languages ​​most searched for in job advertisements in the US, UK, and Australia, followed by average annual income (values ​​are rounded); :

  1. JavaScript - 14%, $ 92,000
  2. Java - 13.5%, $ 106,000
  3. C # 10.3%, $ 92,000
  4. C - 9.5%, $ 92,000
  5. C ++ - 5.3%, $ 103,000
  6. Python - 4.8%, $ 105,000
  7. PHP - 4.5%, $ 80,000
  8. R - 3.4%, $ 98,000
  9. Perl - 2.5%, $ 107,000
  10. Ruby - 2%, $ 106,000

Compared to the previous month, C # has remained in third place; JavaScript and Java swapped the top positions. More than 27 percent of all evaluated job advertisements are looking for Java and / or JavaScript developers. So these are still the languages ​​with the greatest demand. In terms of average annual income, JavaScript is in the lower third, while Java is only surpassed by Perl.

The highest paid programming languages

The following languages ​​average more than $ 100,000 per year:

  • Haskell
  • Objective-C
  • C ++
  • Java
  • Ruby
  • F #
  • python
  • Pearl
  • C #
  • R.
  • C.

The US market has the highest salaries on average. For comparison: Java programmers receive around $ 115,000 in the USA, around $ 76,000 in Great Britain and just under $ 75,000 in Australia.


JavaScript remains the most sought-after programming language everywhere - except in the US - and managed to oust C # from the top position in the UK for the first time in a year. Java follows close on the heels, for which most job vacancies can be found in the USA, for example, and which is on average the language with the best pay. According to the study, a solid foundation from which to start a career.

As always, these numbers should be treated with caution. Because they only describe a statistical distribution of sought-after language skills and average salaries. Logical connections between languages ​​and salaries or even conclusions about job opportunities cannot simply be drawn. Work experience, job position (developer, architect, admin, etc.) and local differences must be taken into account if you want to find out what salary opportunities you have with your personal skill set. Unfortunately, no separate, current figures are available for Germany.

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