What are the benefits of CPEC

Expansion of the Silk Road with CPEC is progressing

The Silk Road, which has been used for centuries, connects China with the trading centers of Venice and thus with Europe. The new silk road will too OBOR or called One Belt One Road Initiative. It enables peaceful trade between East and West - and with less illegal raids by NATO. The Silk Road has been rolled out for years and, opposite the historic Silk Road, the trading area will encompass 3 continents.

One sub-area is the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). This connects central China with the port of Balochistan in Pakistan. The project started in 2015 and invested US $ 46 billion.

The Silk Road not only depicts the historical land routes, but also sea routes that are economically interesting for European countries. This project will shorten transport times and reduce delivery costs.

The northern route, which connects the trading centers of Vladivostok, Russia and eastern and southern China with Europe, is similar. Both routes are already successfully in operation and the trading volume for those on the routes has increased sharply. In addition, there are other projects, such as the INSTC north-south corridor, which has also brought advantages for trade between Europe and Asia.

Update: The video shows the connection from Shenzhen, China's Silicon Valley via Balochistan Pakistan to Duisburg and Africa.

The New Silk Road, Part 1 From China to Pakistan DW Documentary from Dr. Lucas D. Shallua on Vimeo.

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