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Create a survey online: The 12 best providers in comparison

The agony of choice: what do you actually want to find out?

Which provider is right for you when creating free online surveys sometimes depends on what you actually want to find out. Sure: If you just want to know what date your colleagues have time for the Christmas party, all you need to do is create a doodle survey. On the other hand, if you want to find out how your customers rate your new product, the questionnaire has to be more specific.

Online surveys are very valuable tools for finding out more about what your target group wants. But you will only get the right answers that will help you if you ask the right questions. Before you register with a provider, you should first consider what you would like to find out.

Create online surveys - the right way

Also, think about the design of the survey in good time. Ready-made answers, between which the participants have to choose, make the evaluation easier, but sometimes do not reflect their opinion precisely. If you can type in the answers freely, you can express your own opinion exactly, but it is difficult for you to compare the statements. Depending on what you choose, certain tools fall out because they don't offer the options you want.
Also hold back and only ask as many questions as you really need. This is not just a question of cost, as most providers fix their prices on the number of answers given. Your participants will also appreciate a short, crisp survey. Any unnecessary question takes time and increases the chance that a participant will drop out before completing the online survey.


Let's start with one of the simplest, but also most popular tools: Doodle. Doodle can mainly be used to create surveys for making appointments. This is particularly useful for upcoming meetings. With Doodle you can find out very clearly when your colleagues and employees have time to hold the meeting. It is therefore not suitable for customer surveys. The basic functions of the tool are free of charge. The Pro version of Doodle is available for 3.50 euros, 5 euros or 25 euros per month, depending on the range of functions.

  • Good for internal and external coordination
  • Not suitable for customer surveys
  • Free of charge in the basic function
  • Pro version for 3.50 euros, 5 euros or 25 euros per month

Online survey

A good option for questionnaires is Online Survey. The use is intuitive and therefore also suitable for beginners. Adaptation to your corporate design is also possible, but CSS knowledge is also required here to a certain extent. Various question types as well as open and closed questions are available for the surveys.

The basic function of Survey Online is free, but limited in its functions: It includes a month's duration with a maximum of 350 answers, but an unlimited number of questions.
The other packages are tailored to a single survey to be carried out and cost 35 euros per month for questionnaires with a short or medium term or 239 euros per year for surveys that are to run for a very long time. Alternatively, there are flat rate offers that are of interest to you if you want to create several online surveys. These packages cost 499 euros and 799 euros a year.

  • Open and closed questions are possible
  • Corporate design possible
  • Basic version free of charge, but limited in functions
  • Additional packages with more functions cost between 35 and 799 euros


Another option for online surveys is Pinpoll. The provider not only enables users to use tools such as online voting and quizzes, but also analytics and thus insights into real-time data. This gives you valuable data on visitor numbers, page views and the interests and characteristics of the target groups. With Pinpoll it is very easy to integrate the surveys on your own website and to adapt the layout and design accordingly. The provider invested a particularly large amount of time in the subject of data protection, which means that users can be sure that they are creating GDPR-compliant online surveys.

Depending on which functions you want to use via Pinpoll, there are also different price packages. The price packages are divided into tools, DMP and analytics. In order to create online surveys, you should definitely compare the prices in the tools section. For a premium subscription that is available for occasional use, customers pay 50 euros per month. For regular use and other functions, you can opt for the Enterprise subscription and pay 100 euros per month. If you are considering the full functionality and really want to use Pinpoll professionally, you can also book the corporate version. You can find out the price on request.

  • Easy integration on the website
  • Surveys with an individual design
  • Surveys and quizzes optimized for AMP sites
  • Real-time update


What makes LimeSurvey so interesting is the option to host the open source survey software yourself. A very extensive user administration makes it possible to define in great detail which user can edit which survey. As a beginner, however, you can easily be overwhelmed by the possibilities. LimeSurvey offers a very wide range of options if you want to create surveys online. A total of 28 question types are available, which you put together in what-you-see-is-what-you-get mode. The multilingualism is interesting: You can create surveys in more than 80 languages ​​and conduct them in several languages ​​at the same time.

The cost structure of LimeSurvey is divided into two offers: LimeSurvey Pro and LimeSurvey CE, if you want to host the software yourself. With LimeSurvey Pro, questionnaires and 25 answers per month are free of charge. The package with 1,000 answers per month is available for 29 euros. If that is not enough, there are also the Expert and Enterprise packages.
If you host LimeSurvey yourself, the first month is free. You can then choose between different subscriptions, which range between 39 euros for three months and 99 euros for one year.

  • 28 different question types
  • Multilingualism with more than 80 languages
  • Limited functions free of charge
  • Paid subscriptions are between 39 and 99 euros per year


The empirio platform is particularly interesting for students because it specializes in scientific research and is completely free of charge. The highlight: In addition to creating a survey, empirio also directly offers a connected community for finding participants. Here the students can support each other with participation. In addition, empirio attaches great importance to simple and intuitive operation, whereby features such as a customizable design of the survey with CSS are missing due to this focus. The survey is evaluated in the formats Excel, CSV (SPSS) and PDF.

  • Specialized in scientific research
  • Affiliated community for finding participants
  • Especially interesting for students
  • Completely free



SurveyMonkey offers very extensive functions for creating and evaluating complex questionnaires. The creation is simple and can be completed in a few minutes. This tool also shines in that you can adapt surveys to your corporate design by integrating your own logo and your own font. You can then integrate the finished survey into your website or send it by email.

However, SurveyMonkey isn't cheap. In the free version, only basic functions are available: You can only create up to ten questions per survey. To access the full range of functions, you have to book one of the more expensive packages. The monthly subscription costs 39 euros per month. Alternatively, you can take out an annual subscription, which is 432 euros or 1,188 euros, depending on the range of functions.

  • Extensive functions
  • Corporate design possible
  • Free version with few basic functions
  • Paid versions cost between 432 and 1,188 euros each. year

Crowd signal

Crowdsignal is one of the most popular online survey tools. Many may still know this under the name Pollydaddy, which was renamed Crowdsignal in 2018. This is easy to use, but you can still use it to create very extensive surveys. In addition, many different designs can be selected and additional media content can be integrated. The results of the survey can then be easily exported and evaluated as Excel, PDF, Google Doc and XML files.

The basic version of Crowdsignal is free. But if you want to use more functions, you can get either the pro version for 17 dollars a month or the corporate version for 75 dollars a month.

  • Former name Pollydaddy
  • Simple operation, extensive functions
  • Results can be easily exported
  • Basic version free of charge
  • Pro version costs either $ 17 or $ 75 per month

Google Forms

If you don't want to create a complex survey, Google Forms is the right choice for you. The range of functions is significantly less than with LimeSurvey, but this option is basically free of charge. It is now possible to adapt the design of the surveys; Alert options are still missing. The participants' responses are immediately saved in Google Sheets in your Google Drive, where you can download them.

  • Very simple, not complex, surveys
  • Functional scope less than with LimeSurvey, but free of charge
  • Participants' responses are saved in Google Sheets


Even if it looks very simple in design, Maq-Online is a very practical tool for creating surveys online. Because it was kept very simple, the operation and creation of the surveys is correspondingly easy. Another big advantage: it's completely free. So you can quickly and easily create your surveys, embed them on your website or share them by email or on social networks. The results can also be exported here and evaluated in programs such as Excel.

  • Keeping it very simple
  • Operation accordingly simple
  • Completely free
  • Surveys can easily be integrated on the website or in social networks


The Surveygizmo tool is aimed primarily at companies. This is ideal for making market research or customer surveys very detailed. This is mainly thanks to the many different question options.

There is a variant of Surveygizmo with which you can create surveys for free, but which is limited to 100 answers. The larger packages are available for 23 euros, 77 euros and 135 euros a month. There is also the option of having a more individual package put together. The price is then discussed individually depending on the services.

  • Ideal for surveys in market research or for customer surveys
  • Basic version free of charge
  • Larger packages cost between 23 and 135 euros
  • Individual packages are also possible


With Typeform you can create surveys as well as forms. This tool is characterized by its high level of user-friendliness. The surveys are also precisely adapted for surveys on mobile devices and many different templates can be selected.

The cheapest version costs 30 euros per month, for the premium version at Typeform you pay 70 euros per month.

  • Possible for surveys and forms
  • High user-friendliness
  • Surveys also adapted for mobile devices
  • Cheap version costs 30 euros, premium 70 euros per month is a free tool that you can use to create surveys online. However, there are some restrictions here if you want to use this tool for free. For example, you can only run two questionnaires at a time. In addition, the number of participants is limited to 20 people per form. But if you want to use other functions, you can also get the paid version. Depending on the range of functions, this can be between five euros and 1,690 euros.

  • Free of charge in the basic version, but very limited
  • Paid versions available for extensive functions
  • Paid versions cost between 5 and 1,690 euros


With the presented tools you can easily create surveys. Now, of course, the only question that arises for you is how complex your survey should be. With these twelve tools, however, you have a wide selection, so that there should be exactly the right tool for you.