What are you doing to distract yourself

Translation of "distract you" in spanish

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Are you sure the witness didn't plant this in your head to? distract you?
Mira, ¿seguro que el Testigo no te metió eso en la cabeza para distraerte?
Lex, don't you see she's here to distract you?
I did it distract you.
Nothing to distract you.
He might just have told you that in order to distract you.
Kate, just because the guy told you he was seeing his client doesn't mean they are here in L.A. He might just have told you that around distract you.
Kate, sólo porque te dijo que se reuniría con su cliente, no significa que estén en L.A. Pudo habértelo dicho para deshacerse de ti.
It will help you a little distract you.
It was just my job distract you.
Maybe to distract you.
You have to think of something else, try distract you.
I had to shut down my system in order to distract you.
That's why I connected with your spirit distract you.
Así que ... me conecté con su mente para distraerlo.
Maybe I can give you something else distract you.
I just said that in order to distract you.
He might just have told you that in order to distract you.
It's all part of my plan distract you of these killers and spies and tax evaders, and make you indulge in pleasure and keep yourself to myself.
Todo esto es parte de mi plan para distraerte de esos asesinos y espías y ... los evasores de impuestos y obtener usted adicto al placer y te guarde para mí.
I thought, Distract you, would help you.
Pensé que podía hacerte sentir mejor.
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