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Antelope Canyon, Arizona: Antelope Canyon is world famous and is without a doubt one of the most beautiful photo spots in the world

Mallorca: The first rays of sunshine of the day come over the mountains

Zion National Park, Utah: The subway in Zion National Park is one of the top attractions in the southwestern United States

Joshua Tree National Park, California: The glow of the Milky Way adds magic to the landscape

Sunrise at Toroweap Point, Arizona: At this point the walls of the Grand Canyon are particularly narrow. There is hardly a more impressive photo spot in the world

Marsala, Sicily: The salt pans near Marsala in Sicily are breathtakingly beautiful in the evening light

Khumbu, Nepal: The Milky Way over the Nuptse. The Nuptse is a neighbor of Mount Everest, but “only” 7861 meters high

Sardinia: The “Pan di Zuchhero” - the sugar loaf of Sardinia - in the evening light. Shortly before, a violent storm with lightning, thunder and heavy rain swept over us

Khumbu, Nepal: The summit of Lhotse glows in the light of the rising sun. The Lhotse is 8,516 meters high

Zugspitze, Bavaria: There is a thunderstorm in the distance, the sun is breaking through. These are the best conditions for breathtaking landscape photos

Hintersee, Bavaria: The Hintersee in Berchtesgadener Land is one of the top photo spots in Germany

Mallorca: View of the Torrent de Pareis gorge, long before sunrise

Highland Tourist Road, Scotland: The lighting only lasts a few minutes, but it is indescribably beautiful

Moon Butte, Utah: The Moon Butte is located in nowhere in the endless expanse of Utah. With the right lens and the right lighting mood, the Moon Butte is a top photo spot

Watzmann, Bavaria: The Watzmann in the light of the rising sun

Khumbu, Nepal: The Milky Way shines over the Himalayan mountains. You can see the Ama Dablam, one of the most beautiful mountains in the world

Lofoten: The small fishing village of Reine in the most beautiful morning light. You rarely see such a sunrise

Saxony: Morning mood in Saxon Switzerland

Anticline Overlook, Utah: In the evening light, the huge fault is an absolute hot spot for photographers. Breathtaking landscapes are guaranteed here

Mallorca: The Es Pontàs rock gate is one of the top photo spots on Mallorca

Antelope Canyon, Arizona: Flowing sand - of course you need a little extra help to get this exact photo

Volterra, Tuscany: Shortly after a thunderstorm, you often have the best light for taking photos. Volterra is definitely one of the top photo locations in Tuscany

Yosemite National Park, California: Shortly after a storm, the sun comes out again and makes the Yosemite Valley shine in the most beautiful colors

“King of Wings”, New Mexico: The location of the King of Wings in New Mexico has long been a secret. We hope that this unique and fragile natural wonder will continue to exist for a long time

Mallorca: View of the lighthouse of Cap Formentor

Capo Gallo, Sicily: The stretch of coast near Capo Gallo is definitely a highlight in Sicily

Barmsee, Bavaria: The Barmsee is only known to insiders. At the right time of year you will find magnificent aquatic plants in the lake

Scotland: view over Loch Eilt. There is absolutely no wind and the landscape is perfectly reflected in the water

Leoganger Steinberge, Salzburg: The peaks of the Leoganger Steinberge push through the high fog and glow in the evening light

Tuscany: The Cappella della Madonna di Vitaleta is a real photo highlight in Tuscany

Mallorca: The gorge of the Torrent de Pareis in the morning light. It's good if you always have a model with you during your shoots

Saxon Switzerland: One of the most scenic areas in Germany

Dominica: The Emerald Pool is one of the top attractions on the Caribbean island

Kauai, USA: Sunrise on the ocean. The island of Hawaii is also the location of Jurassic Park