Why should students learn physics

Why physics?

Physics means: getting to the bottom of something. Physics is much more than just a school subject. Physics is the basis for understanding so many processes in our daily life and the basis of modern technologies. Physics provides answers to questions about the smallest and largest systems in nature, from elementary particles to the cosmos. Physics is an important key discipline with close ties to chemistry, biology, medicine and engineering, as well as mathematics and computer science.

In the course of a physics class, students learn numerous methods that allow them to deal with the fundamentals of our world and its modern applications. Physicists work on standardized theories that help explain a large number of phenomena and advance technological developments.

Career opportunities

A good understanding of physics prepares students for a wide range of professions. You will learn how to process, analyze and solve complex problems. This way, you will acquire many skills that go beyond physics. After studying science, you can not only work in national and international research centers and at universities, you can enrich development departments in electrical, communications or medical technology companies, you analyze processes and complex relationships in technical and strategic management consultancies, you manage the risk assessments of share transactions in the international financial markets, structure authorities and associations. Some even go into politics ...

Many students in our school have recognized this and learn in 2 courses at an increased level of difficulty and in one at a basic level.