What is flow


Word family flow

flow out flow out flow flow in flow through flow in flow in flow in flow in flow back flow flow together liquefy

* flow *
The beer flows freely. There is a stream flowing there. The tears are flowing.
The donations flow in abundance. The hair flows over her shoulder.
The traffic flows to some extent here.
* flow away *
The flood has almost drained away. After the soccer game, the car electricity flowed very slowly from the parking lots.
The funds made available have not yet flowed out.
* flow out, flow out *
Oil leaked out due to a defective seal.
Oil has flowed out here.
The additional addition / her- / is not relevant here, in contrast to / spend money / and / give change /.
* flow along, duflow, flow throughieeat *
The Mississippi flowed slowly. Where a body of water flows through, the fields can be irrigated. The torrent flows through a narrow point here.
* flow in, flow in, flow in *
American research results have flowed into his work.
He let it be known that he was interested in acquiring the property.
Water has flowed into the cellar. Cold air flowed in from the northeast
* flow *
The attraction of this way of painting lies in the fact that the colors flow into one another. It is important to the editor-in-chief that the boundaries between report and personal statement do not blur.
Decades have passed since our Abitur.
* flow in, flow back, flow together *
Clean spring water flows into the ponds.
The donations went to Africa Aid.
Some of the funds for development aid flow back into the Federal Republic. Pegnitz and Rednitz flow together near F├╝rth.
* liquefy *
Liquefy natural gas

River river bed river bend river gravel river course river regulation river sand river navigation river valley river crossing river bank
Outflow blood flow data flow influence flow of thoughts cash flow border flow capital flow material flow tributary flow flow of speech backflow excess flow traffic flow inflow

a shallow river, a stony river bed, the development is still in the river, a small river meanders through the meadows, behind a bend in the river is a bridge, river gravel can be removed, the course of the river is lined with alder trees, river regulation should avoid flooding, dredging the river sand, river navigation is declining, the river valley narrows here, a dangerous river crossing that fortifies the river bank;
a clogged drain, improve blood flow with medication, document the flow of data; his influence on the government waning, without properly waking up, his flow of thoughts began again;
The flow of money abroad is difficult to track, smugglers cross the border river in rubber boats, the flow of capital can only be controlled with difficulty by the state, the assembly line ensures a fast flow of materials, the tributary carries just as much water,
his flow of speech cannot be stopped, the return flow of payments to the parent company has been veiled, there is an abundance, the flow of traffic can even be increased by speed restrictions, water-rich tributaries.

nor nouns
Conveyor belt flow rate flowing water
Fluid tear fluid fluid reservoir fluid loss
Liquid fertilizer liquid gas

adjectives and adverbs
liquid thin viscous superfluous flowing flowed down river upstream

liquid metal, liquid formulate; I am not fluent at the moment, but will pay next week; Thin paint, viscous oil, superfluous material, superfluous know-it-all, thread yourself into the flow of traffic, speak a foreign language fluently, a smooth transition to the new management,
a bygone lover, drifting downriver, paddling upriver