When did Tesla start selling cars?

Tesla celebrates a record, but a comparison shows the whole truth

Tesla has brought many automakers to rethink. Whether VW, Mercedes or even Porsche: Hardly any manufacturer can evade the e-car. Now the US company is reporting a new record. Throughout 2020, Tesla claims to have sold almost half a million vehicles with 499,500 cars. Almost 510,000 models rolled off the assembly line last year. But is that a lot?

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Tesla celebrates itself, but is miles behind

If you compare the sales figures with those of other manufacturers, you can quickly see how few cars Tesla really sold. VW or Toyota, the two largest car manufacturers in the world, bring around 10 million vehicles to the people worldwide every year. Mercedes and BMW, which sell around 2 to 3 million cars annually, also beat Tesla by far. Even if you only include e-cars in the bill, Tesla is beaten. In November 2020, for example, a good 6,000 VW e-cars were registered in Germany. During the same period, Renault put almost 4,300 models of its ZOE electric car on the road. And Tesla? In November 2020, just 1,680 models were registered in Germany.

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This comparison shows the whole truth

Tesla was founded in July 2003. After three years of development, the company presented its first electric car, the Roadster. In the 17th year after it was founded, the electric car manufacturer from the USA is celebrating the success of half a million vehicles produced. And even this number cannot really impress if you compare it with another car manufacturer. The first Ford Model T rolled off the production line in 1908. Exactly 17 years later, almost 2 million models of the world's best-selling car were still leaving the factory. Of this one model, Ford has sold more than 13 million vehicles to date.

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Tesla wants to sell more than just electric cars

But apart from the comparisons and numbers, Tesla is on the right track. The focus is not only on the sale of e-cars. The boss and visionary Elon Musk is about much more than that. What he has already achieved: to turn the entire automotive industry inside out and to get it to rethink. Without Tesla, the electric car would also have been inevitable. However, it is questionable whether VW, Renault and Co. would have developed this at such a high speed as they are doing today.

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