Can lobsters survive without water?

The long ordeal of the lobsters

Susanne Hagen from the fair-fish association is committed to the fair and species-appropriate production of food fish.

Susanne Hagen

Two years ago a lady from Basel approached us with the request that we do something about the fact that lobsters that live in retail outlets are presented on ice. This ordeal is only a small part of the agony lobsters endure.

The live presentation on ice is preceded by a long period of suffering. Before they are imported, lobsters are usually “stored” for months under non-species and extremely stressful conditions: locked in tiny cages, with no possibility of retreat and no food.

Lobsters are anything but social animals. The mere proximity to other lobsters stresses the loners all the time. Only the strongest animals survive this ordeal. Every fifth lobster dies before it's even exported. They are transported like goods - upright without water in styrofoam boxes, which are sometimes thrown around so that another part of the lobsters does not survive the transport. Like fish, lobsters are gill breathers that can breathe air for a short time, but slowly suffocate in the process. Ever

Live presentation on ice

Depending on the region of origin, the transport takes 12 to 24 hours. Some of the surviving lobsters are unlucky enough to be presented alive on ice before they are finally boiled alive. Far more of the surviving lobsters end up in holding tanks that are filled with fresh water. An additional torture for the saltwater animals, whose cells soak themselves up with water that they can burst in extreme cases. As the “grand finale” of these tortures, the animals end up alive or rather half-dead in the boiling water. Most of the time, the pans are too small, so the water cools down as soon as the lobster lands in the pan, which adds to the agonizing process.

It has long been possible to purchase lobsters that have been gently stunned and killed with electricity, as has long been the practice at Coop.

A study carried out by the cantonal veterinarians fully confirms what fair-fish has been postulating for years: Importing lobsters alive is massive animal cruelty and should no longer be allowed.

For these reasons, fair-fish decided to send a letter to Federal Councilor Berset. Please print this letter and send it to Federal Councilor Berset so that this agony can finally come to an end!

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