What should my profile picture look like

Create the perfect profile picture as a man - the 10 best tips and ideas!

Whether on dating sites or in flirt apps: Without a good profile picture, we men look quite "old" in the truest sense of the word. The women then simply click on to the next great pike without replying to our message ...

... and WITHOUT liking us for a match (at Lovoo, Tinder & Co.).

But how do you create the perfect profile picture for the ladies to write to you? What do you have to do as a man for it? In this article I will tell you the 10 most important tips and rules that you need to know for online dating or WhatsApp!

Taking good profile pictures: why this is so important for men

Have you ever spotted a woman's profile photo while dating online and thought spontaneously: "Nah ... better not!"? Or didn't even dream of writing to her because she didn't even have a single picture in it?

Just imagine: It's the other way around for girls when they surf on your site in dating sites.

You think: "Oh, the man looks great, I'll write back to him!"... or not, if they don't find your photo attractive.

Hear and be amazed, the famous first impression, the look, also counts for women. This is especially true with matching systems, where you continuously swipe left and right (the "like" or "dislikes") and assess the image of the virtual counterpart in a matter of seconds.

No matches, no answers?

So if you haven't gotten much to no matches in online dating or no woman is writing to you, it may well be because your photo doesn't look good enough.

For us men, good profile pictures are the non plus ultra, without them you won't find anything on dating sites and dating apps! Simply taking a quick selfie or uploading the old snapshot from Facebook to your profile is therefore not enough.

So, get out the camera and put on your nicest smile to fight the yawning emptiness in the inbox! You can only win ...

Create the best profile picture: 10 tips and ideas for men!

Okay, now you know why a good photo is so important - and that (apart from WhatsApp) when dating online is a no-go NOT to use a picture. Now you will get solid tips and ideas on how to create your perfect profile picture.

1. Please take a portrait instead of a group and full-body photo!

While spying on male competition on dating platforms, I've seen a lot of cheerful profile pictures: A guy on a snowboard in a snowstorm, with friends at the sports victory party or on stage with a guitar around his neck ...

Yes, such motive ideas make a good impression on women. The girls then immediately see that you as a man lead an exciting life (even with good friends) and that you have an attractive body.

Now the big BUT: You shouldn't use something like this at the front as a profile picture for dating sites and flirting apps, but rather add it to the back of the picture gallery.

The reason: For the first impression of the profile photo, it is important that the woman can immediately see your face (including eyes). And on full-body photos as described above, the proportions of the head simply appear much too small.

A group photo with men shouldn't be the first choice for a profile picture either. After all, the girl wants to know which of the friendly grinning guys you are ...

Therefore, use a portrait picture in which YOU are in focus and your face is easily recognizable!

As I said, everything else is a good addition to the other picture gallery.

2. You are not "ugly" or unattractive!

First of all, as a man you should approach the matter with a self-confident attitude and literally see yourself through “different eyes”.

Because if you stand in front of the camera lens with the corners of your mouth hanging because you feel so "ugly", then the photo looks correspondingly unsympathetic.

I have already explained in another article why you are not ugly and how you can polish up your exterior.

In addition, you can "smooth out" a lot with modern photo editing programs (e.g. Photoshop). How do you think the sexy Hollywood stars from glossy, people and lifestyle magazines look in TRUTH when they get out of bed in the morning?

Right, kind of like Homer Simpson's left buttock ...

3. Before the photo: pretzels for the perfect styling

I still remember what my grandparents told me when the whole family went to the photographer once a year.

Then they washed and did what it took to look perfect in front of the camera - just for this one “magical” photo (which then stuck in the family album for the next 50 years ...)!

Nowadays it is no different with us men ... You should look like a peeled egg in order to be optimally prepared for snapping your profile picture.

This includes, above all, well-groomed skin, the right beard hairstyle or clean, clean shave and a hairstyle that is appropriate to the type of head.

For fine-tuning against blemishes (pimples, etc.) or dark circles under the eyes, you can also apply a concealer to certain spots to appear flawless.

Unfavorably shiny areas of skin can be covered with make-up. And no, that doesn't seem gay with men ... that's what professional photographers do, and when you're watching TV, the rampage in front of the camera does too!

If you are unsure about the styling, it is best to ask a good friend, or even better, a good friend. Or go to the professionals who need to know: to a hairdresser. They can certainly give you expert advice on your type.

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4. Put on the right clothes

Okay, now you will look perfectly styled on your head and face if you did everything right. But what should you wear for the profile photo?

Absolute taboo for us men: tank tops, undershirts or soccer jerseys.

I can understand if you, as a sporty man, want to show your hard-trained muscles. But something like that just doesn't make a good impression on women, because they simply consider you a show-off who wants to prove himself.

You should also avoid the jersey of your favorite team, unless you want to date women who are for the same club and who are in the stadium every week (but you will get to know them better there).

But what clothes then?

In principle, the same rules apply as for the outfit on the first date. Depending on the type, you can wear a loose T-shirt on the profile picture or put on a neat, long-sleeved shirt for the photo. It just has to be authentic and suit you.

A sporty jacket is also possible, but the emphasis is on athletic.

You shouldn't look overdressed in the profile photo. Online dating and partner search is a casual affair, as a suit like Grandpa's gold wedding tends to turn off.

5. Do not wear sunglasses or a hat!

And please, don't wear sunglasses! That doesn't look cool! The woman doesn't want to see a “Man in Black” fighting aliens or chasing gangsters across the globe.

She wants to see a likable man on the profile picture, whom she can look in the face and in the eyes - just like on a real date.

You should only wear a cap or hat if it really suits your type and does not cover your face. As a rule of thumb: headgear (and the shadow it may cast) should only cover half of the forehead and never the eyes!

Of course, you can also use a headgear to elegantly hide your bald head or as an emergency solution if you haven't done your hair before the photo.

6. Ideas for the background: excitement is required!

I've seen profile pictures on dating sites and dating apps where the man looked attractive ...

... but the background of the picture was a total letdown.

A photo was taken in the bedroom or bathroom that looks like Hempels' under the sofa, with old socks and towels in the corner ... it just doesn't work!

For a perfect profile picture, you should instead choose background motifs with tension and positive (!) Emotions.

Good ideas for the background are, for example, scenes that are associated with vacation (beach, palm trees, mountains) or nature in general. This shows the woman that you are not a couch potato, but an adventurer who experiences something.

Background motifs that indicate your hobbies are also okay for the profile photo. But make sure that you are still the focus of the portrait picture and that the exciting background does not steal the show!

7. Of dogs, Ferraris and other poser motifs

A no-go for your profile pictures are also show-off motifs, such as the “random” sports car in the background or the fat (12 Euro street vendor) Rolex on your arm. The woman then thinks: "Man oh man, he needs to brag about such a poser picture!"

What leaves a good impression, however, is when you discreetly depict your pet - for example a dog. This is totally okay as an idea.

Women just like men who are good with animals. This symbolizes a sense of responsibility and the “protector type” ... qualities that are also in demand in a relationship.

But it has to look authentic and should really be your own dog. Borrowing your neighbors woofs for the photo is not a good idea, because at the latest on the date, when the woman comes to your home, the lie will be revealed!

8. Selfie, ask good buddy or photographer?

So we would have clarified the WHERE and WHAT.

Now the question remains, HOW to take the photo and WHO should take the photo. The selfie variant is of course the fastest, but caution is advised here.

Only snap a selfie with your mobile phone if you have a really good camera in the device. And: no quick shots! Even if it is easy, you should give yourself the necessary time to photograph yourself as advantageously as possible.

Since selfies always look a little cheap (sorry, that's the way it is!), You should urgently edit the profile photo in a program (or hire a friend if you can't).

If you almost lose your arm after constantly snapping selfies, give your smartphone to a buddy so that he can take a picture of you. Then it is also advisable to use a higher quality camera, if available.

For the best results: off to the photographer's shoot!

The premium variant is of course to stand in front of the photographer's camera. If you have some money to spare, I would strongly recommend this. The professional simply has the right eye and can photograph you optimally for the profile picture.

In addition, he can put on make-up before taking the photos (as in the mask on film and television), encourage you to look friendly (“Cheeeeese”… “Here's the little bird”) and then professionally edit the photo.

It is the all-round carefree package, to put it in advertising language.

9. Take a friendly look at the profile photo

I already indicated it above: Compulsive coolness doesn't work cool on men. She looks silly. So don't try to look as serious as possible in the photo like you're Chicago's greatest godfather.

Your profile on the single exchange or dating app is not a police criminal record. You should appear sympathetic to the woman from the face and encourage her to write.

The other extreme, the clown act with grimaces and tongue out, is also not well received in the profile photo. You are not a member of a circus ensemble. And yes, there is this famous picture of Albert Einstein sticking out his tongue ...

... but you can only do that if you are just as famous as the physics genius.

But I believe that if you should actually be as far as him, you don't need to do online dating anymore because the women are already at your feet anyway.

10. Smile right for the photo - that's how it works!

So, back to the topic: For the profile picture, please always smile nicely into the camera without exaggerating! An honest smile can be recognized by the fact that the muscles around the eyes tense and thus form small wrinkles.

So smile believably, and not fake! Yes, drawing the right face is difficult when you have to take a selfie or other spontaneous "snapshots" on command ...

But practice makes perfect, even in front of the camera!

Incidentally, showing your teeth as a man doesn't do any harm (and teeth should of course be cared for)! This makes the smile look a tad friendlier and not so tight.

If you follow all of these tips, the girls will surely write you tons of messages back and like you until you drop for matches!

These tips don't stop there ...

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