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1000 answers Which religion is most common in the world?

Statistically, Christianity is the most common religion. But beware! It is usually not that easy to assign people to a religious group. An example: If you ask people in Nepal or India about their religion and want to know using a statistical questionnaire whether someone is Buddhist or Hindu, people might cross the line one way or the other.

In reality, however, these people go to temples, where they worship both Buddhist and Hindu images of God and sacrifice them. At the same time they may also have a belief in ghosts. Therefore it is not so easy to classify people according to their religion.

If you look at the individual people you can see that many people are not believers at all in religious terms. Incidentally, this is also interesting for the school sector, where usually only the five world religions are dealt with. But you could also look at a smaller group.

Or another question: What alternatives are there for people who are not religious but still have certain worth? An example of this would be humanism. There are traditions that emphasize the unity of mankind, what is special, what is worth protecting, the human rights of every individual. This tradition exists in Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and also in Christianity as well as in many other religions.