What do women enjoy during sex?

Warning men: women hate these 4 things during sex

What do women actually like when it comes to sex? I am NOT going to answer that question for you today. After all, I have already given you a lot of suggestions and assistance on this matter, and if you cannot remember them, this is really not my beer. Well, I'll wrap it up again soon because it's you. In this column, however, we want to look at all of the things that women hate about having sex with a man.

Not an easy undertaking, I admit. Because just because I personally hate being nailed to the St. Andrew's Cross doesn't mean that other women can't be very happy. So how do I put together such a list? Once again, I am relying on my experiences and those of my fellow women and men, as well as thorough research in my circle of friends and followers. All of this without any guarantee or warranty. (Also Read: How Multiple Orgasms Work In Men)

Place 10: Unkempt dudes

Yes, we like rebels. And also for men who can really tackle things. Nevertheless, MAN is welcome to file and clean his fingernails as soon as he puts his hand to the woman. Please don't look so indignant. You don't even want to know who wanted to screw everything on us with dirty hands - even though the rest was well looked after.

Rank 9: A musty man cave

In theory, the idea of ​​being dragged into a handsome man's cave is tempting. Just stupid if it really looks like a cave. Or even smell. Musty bed linen that a) has been wet in the washing machine for too long or b) has not been changed for three months is what one-night-stand nightmares are made of. Or used pans and plates piled up in the kitchen (from which one really only wanted to get a post-coital drink). Your apartment doesn't have to be instagrammable, but please tidy up before the date and make the bed fresh.

8th place: Want to sprint straight to the finish line

At one night stands in particular, many men think: Why invest time in foreplay - it's all about one thing anyway. ”So they fumble for two minutes and then aim directly at the goal. But nothing there. We have the right to foreplay and we will not let that be taken away from us. I never tire of repeating it: the female arousal, the female body, functions very differently from yours. In order to enjoy sex and maybe even reach orgasm as a woman, it takes tact and a little time. You should give them to us as a modern gentleman. If you don't care about the pleasure of your sex partner, I hope that the woman will throw you out of bed before the blowjob.

7th place: Not finding the right amount

“Either”, a friend told me in my non-representative survey on the subject, “are the guys you take home with you too lax in bed or you give too much gas.” I agree. There are men who want to show their sex date unequivocally where the hammer is. That are insanely dominant, including hair pulling, spitting and dirty talk. Who just act out unrestrained. What is desirable in an affair or relationship, however, often turns out to be rather awkward if you just know each other about a gin and tonic length. Too much dominance can indeed scare you. How should I know if the guy who's trying to pull my mutton legs out isn't a psychopath who actually does violence to me during coitus? I would love to wake up the next morning - preferably in one go. So please restrain yourself and ask the woman in advance whether a harder pace is okay for her.

It's different with the guy who doesn't dare. So nothing. Often - in my personal, subjective experience - these are men who are particularly mindful, to whom the feelings of a woman are important, who under no circumstances want to come across as a sexist player. In principle, I could kiss anyone who thinks that way. If only such a mindset didn't negatively impact sexual performance so often. Really now. If you want your date to do something in particular, say so. Do it when you feel like it. I mean, there is such a naked, round, magnificent bottom wobbling up and down in front of you - you have to grab it!

You know, the bed is not the editorial team of "Emma". It's a place where two people get on like monkeys. Ideally. If the lady - or you - does not like something, you can say so. And then react to it.

The top 6 can be found in the second part of this column.

Mimi Erhardt is a sex columnist for GQ and GQ.de. You can find out more about the author here.

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