Why do liberals hate guns so much

Arms Discussion in the USA: Everyone's Responsibility

It is a well-known mechanism in the USA: a rampage causes horror, reflexively there are calls for a gun ban and stricter laws, and nothing happens - because there are no majorities or no policy can be made against the gun lobby NRA, in a country with constitutional law on gun possession.

The Democratic US President Joe Biden came into office with the intention of changing that. He started with small steps and announced on Thursday that he would sign a number of decrees prohibiting the distribution of self-made weapons, one of which was used in the recent rampage in Colorado. That's a good approach. Whether Biden will be the first president to succeed in more than brief cosmetic corrections is questionable, despite a narrow majority of the Democrats in the House of Representatives and Senate.

If something is to change sustainably in the USA, whose households hold 40 percent of the world's private weapons, the social discussion must also be lifted to another level. Biden has to use his alleged talent for mediation - away from the prohibition and tightening reflexes after rampages and towards discussions about the responsibility of the individual. Prudence and transparency in the use of weapons should become the new buzzwords in the debate. Then the resistance in the population disappears - and with it perhaps also the standstill at some point. (Manuela Honsig-Erlenburg, April 8th, 2021)