What is a weakened immune system

Weakened immune system

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The body is confronted with pathogens every day. The immune system usually ensures that they cannot implant and multiply. However, a weakened immune system does not manage to fight the pathogen.

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Various factors can weaken the immune system

Stress, lack of sleep, an unhealthy diet and other factors drain your immune system. If the immune system is stressed too much, it can no longer function optimally. When the immune system is weakened, viruses and bacteria can easily gain the upper hand.

How does a weakened immune system make itself felt?

The signs of a weakened immune system are: constant tiredness, fatigue and lack of drive. It is noticeably common that you catch an infection. It often takes a long time to overcome this completely.

What helps with a weakened immune system?

There are various measures that can be taken to make a weakened immune system strong again. In addition to a healthy lifestyle and adequate sleep, this also includes an adequate supply of vitamins and minerals.

In addition, it is particularly important to ensure careful hygiene if you have a weakened immune system. Many pathogens, especially cold viruses, are transmitted by droplet infection. That means they get - wrapped in fine droplets - from person to person by speaking, sneezing, exhaling and coughing or even by shaking hands. Ventilating regularly and washing your hands several times a day has been shown to reduce the number of infections.

It can also be useful to change your lifestyle. This means, among other things, quitting smoking, drinking less or no alcohol and exercising regularly.
  • Author: Elisabeth Kanz, pharmacist and specialist journalist for medicine and pharmacy; Vitanet-dsb, Vitanet-gg; medical quality assurance: Cornelia Sauter, doctor

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