How many rivers are there in Ethiopia


Flag and national anthem

The flag of Ethiopia has gone through an interesting development over the past 100 years. It has been changed several times. The current flag was introduced in 1996. It consists of three horizontally superimposed stripes in green, yellow and red. The green symbolizes work and fertility of the land, the yellow stands for justice and love for the fatherland, the red for courage and the blood that is used in the fight for the preservation of the Independence was shed.

In the center, the flag shows the national coat of arms, a yellow pentagram, on a blue, circular background. The pentagram is the seal of Solomon, the trapezoidal rays appearing between the five points of the pentagram represent the future of Ethiopia. The symmetrical structure of the coat of arms is supposed to symbolize the equality of all nationalities and religions and the unity of all Ethiopians.

The current national anthem was introduced in 1992 after the overthrow of the military regime.

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