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Kindergarten and school performances

For kindergartens, schools and youth institutions, the new season again offers the usual exciting and varied range of presentations.

In addition to many popular pieces from recent seasons, we are showing a completely new piece (world premiere) on the subject of "Climate Crisis and Protests" for young people from the age of 14: NO PLANET B. In NOT MARIA STUART, the well-known Schiller material is presented in a brilliant one- Woman show and a mixture of modern songs and classical texts - perfect for young people aged 16 and over.


Since we are only playing on the big stage for the first time this season, the dates have been postponed. Not all dates announced in the yearbook can be kept. Thank you very much for your understanding!
Here you will find an overview of the changes until December 2020.

The piece "Heinrich von Kempten"Unfortunately this school year has to be canceled completely. However, our knight Heinrich will return to the Kempten stage in 2021/22. Also the resumption of our popular Christmas fairy tale "At the ark at eight”Unfortunately has to be omitted. There is, however, a wonderful substitute: the T: K produces the play “Ox und Esel” for the whole family together with the open-air plays in Schwäbisch Hall - this slightly different version of the nativity play tells of friendship, charity and humanity in the most enjoyable way.

NO PLANET B (from 14)
Thursday October 1st, 2020 (10:00 am)
Fri. 10/02/2020 (10:00)
further dates if required in March 2021

DREAM JOBS (from 15)
Thursday, October 29th, 2020 (11:00 am)
Fri. 10/30/2020 (11:00 am)

Wed. 11/25/2020 (10:00)

Mon. 11/30/2020 (9:30 am)
Mon. 11/30/2020 (11:00 am)

OX AND DONKEY (from 4)
Mon 14.12.2020 (9:00 am and 11:00 am)
Mon. 21.12.2020 (9:00 am and 11:00 am)
Tuesday, December 22nd, 2020 (9:00 am and 11:00 am)


We will soon be posting a developed hygiene concept for school presentations on our website.
But here are a few notes and regulations:


We place the groups in accordance with currently applicable hygiene measures. As things stand, this means that a maximum of 10 students in a class can sit next to each other. A distance of 1.50 m is then maintained to the next seating group in a class. So there are always two empty seats between the groups and every second row is blocked.

Mouth and nose covering:

All visitors and employees in the theater wear a mouth and nose cover throughout the theater up to the seat. During the performance, the mouth and nose cover may be removed according to the current status.
Before going to the theater, please inform your students that a mouth and nose cover must be taken from home.


The cloakroom is closed for the time being. Please try to organize your visit to the theater in such a way that the students leave their backpacks in the schools and only come with their jackets. If that is not possible, please contact us so that we can plan the storage of your rucksack together.

We would be happy to advise you on the selection of pieces. You can book the performances by phone or email, or simply use our order form, which you can download from our website. We provide theater pedagogical material for many productions. In this way, you can prepare and follow up your visit to the theater independently and individually. In addition, the theater pedagogue Katharina Kempter will be happy to assist you in preparation or follow-up on request. We would like to cordially invite you, your children and all young people!


Preparation or follow-up work in your school to match the attendance of the performance costs € 0.50 per child / student. A workshop that is individually tailored to your class costs € 10 per lesson. If your institution is outside the city, we must also charge a flat-rate travel allowance of € 0.30 per kilometer.

For almost all performances, we offer a question and answer session with the participants after the performance.

Here you can find the order form for kindergarten and school performances.

Sandra Schmidbauer
[email protected]
0831 / 960 788 – 10