Is it possible to freeze a bubble

Frozen Soap Bubbles: How to Freeze Bubbles

Even in winter you can play with soap bubbles outside. Conjure beautiful works of art out of them and let the soap bubbles freeze to death. We'll tell you the trick to make it work!

So that the easily fragile soap bubbles freeze in winter and do not immediately burst in the air, you first need the perfect soap bubble mixture. If you mix the soapy water according to the recipe below, nothing should go wrong.

For frozen soap bubbles you need:

  • 200 ml of tap water
  • 35 ml corn syrup
  • 35 ml washing-up liquid
  • 2 tbsp sugar


  • a bubble wand
  • Temperatures below -10 degrees Celsius

The dish soap creates bubbles, the corn syrup thickens the wall of the soap bubble, and the sugar helps create the beautiful crystal patterns on the frozen soap bubble.

How to Make a Frozen Soap Bubble:

  1. Mix the soap bubble mixture according to the recipe above. Put the liquid in the freezer for a quarter of an hour and let it get really cold.
  2. When the mixture has gotten nice and cold, you can take it outside with you. Find a place where you want to freeze the soap bubble.
  3. Then dip the stick in the lye and carefully blow through it to create the soap bubble.

Tip: It works best if you carefully "blow" the bladder onto a flat, cold surface and do not let it fly directly into the air. This will make the soap bubble more stable and more likely it will freeze!

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Remember these instructions for frozen soap bubbles!

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