How do I start generating sales leads

The ultimate guide to lead generation in 2021


Blog articles, social media, but also online advertisements, if done right, ensure that you get more and more visitors to your website. These visitors only become leads if you offer whitepapers and other premium content for which visitors have to provide their contact details.

Here you will find the 10 most important premium contents for B2B lead generation:

1. E-book or white paper

Whether an e-book or a white paper is more suitable depends on the topic and the company. While a whitepaper mostly contains text and is often more formal, an e-book offers more design freedom and is provided with many graphics, images and links.

In addition, a whitepaper is not necessarily longer than 15 pages, while e-books are rarely shorter than 15 pages.

2. Checklist

Not everyone likes to read long white papers or e-books, some prefer the content compact and short. It is therefore important to offer different formats for different needs.

An offer is ultimately not defined by its length, but by its content. Checklists can be of great help to your potential customers.

3. Template

Templates are an excellent format to make the work of your buyer personas easier and to provide you with assistance. Often you can easily create templates in Word or Excel and offer them for download.

Your target group can then use this as a template and fill it with your content individually.

4. Webinar

In 2020, the number of webinars on offer exploded due to the Corona crisis. Despite the many invitations, webinars are still a good format for generating leads.

In an appealing presentation with a live speaker, the content can be dealt with much more precisely.

Anyone who registers for a 30-minute webinar has already dealt with your product or company more and should be viewed as a particularly valuable lead.

5. Presentation

Powerpoint presentations offer a good alternative to e-books and white papers in lead generation. Powerpoint presentations are often already available in the company. Why not use them for lead generation?

6. Online events

Online events are currently in the lockdown time and certainly also a good opportunity to get in touch with your buyer personas.

You can also elaborate on your content and answer any questions. Create a landing page and make signing up as easy as possible to generate lots of leads.

7. Calculator

Is there a brief informative calculation that you could offer? If so, then create a template in the form of a calculator. Calculators also work extremely well because gamification plays a role in their use.

8. Trial

Potential customers often want to test the product or service before deciding whether it is really the right one. It can therefore be very helpful to offer free use for a limited time.

9. Demo

If visitors to your website are already more interested in your product or service, you can offer a short demo.

Demos are good bottom-of-the-funnel offers. That said, the demo is great before a client's deal.

10. Surveys

A simple way to get current data and numbers is to conduct a survey.

There are free tools for this, such as Google Forms, with which simple surveys can be created. You can then make the results available as a download on your website.