What is the best handgun for concealed carry

Pocket pistols

Pocket pistols are particularly handy and designed specifically for concealed carrying. After all, the small arms have a very special purpose: in extreme emergencies, they are used for self-defense for civilians or as reserve weapons for law enforcement and security services. Basically, these are short weapons that have a sub-compact or ultra-compact and extra-slim design. Such pistols - especially in the .380 ACP caliber, also known as 9 mm for short - have been trendy in the USA for years. So it is not surprising that almost every well-known manufacturer has one of these large-caliber tiny pieces in their range.

Small pocket pistol

The essential features of pocket pistols are minimal dimensions, low weight, a manageable magazine capacity and a smaller caliber. When it comes to ballistics, the short barrels quickly reach their limits. The handy handguns are in no way intended for larger firefights. In a confrontation, however, they should represent an option to achieve fire superiority. In any case, pocket pistols are hardly suitable for the common, civil applications of handguns.

One thing first: two-handed shooting is not really the same as using a pocket pistol. As a rule, sub-compact or ultra-compact handguns lack the precision that is indispensable in shooting sports. On the hunt, the handy pistols with their small calibers usually bring little energy into the piece - when used as a catching shot or hunting weapon, high-performance loads are required.

But still you have your charm as well as charm and also your right to exist. Due to their history and the variety of extraordinary models, they are an interesting field, especially for passionate collectors - especially if the interest lies far away from the usual military and sporting weapons. Discover the world of pocket pistols here at all4shooters.com.We will introduce you to selected handguns and provide the essential information with technical properties and price recommendations, interesting background knowledge and test reports on all aspects of the handy handguns.