What is the best decade in life

It appears as rarely in literature as it does on preprinted greeting cards, it is not a memorable landmark, it is not a well-rounded affair and it appears to be just another step in the staircase. Few people can therefore tell great stories about their 37th birthday.

It should be celebrated big, because there are many indications that 37 is just becoming the favorite number of life researchers and statisticians. The polling institute YouGov, for example, recently found them as a result of their search for the ideal age. The participants in the study were asked which age seemed worth living to them or was the best in retrospect. American statisticians, on the other hand, came up with the same number when they calculated the age at which one has just as much older people as younger ones around. So you actually stand where you feel at this time anyway: between old and young. And a study calculated the 37 as the year in which the British want to have achieved their goals in life on average.

Customary commercial goals are: found a spouse, moved into your own home, achieved a good income and found a family. So 37 is the point at which all interim solutions should be overcome, the end of subjunctive life. Happiness, fulfillment, turning point - quite a lot going on on an appointment. And because the author only has a few months left before the elementary birthday, it is obviously high time for a small, personal inventory.

A friend says: At 37, no good footballer is even older than you are. The theoretical possibility of a professional career, which is important for men, is then sealed on paper. It can no longer be overlooked beyond the square - doors have closed quietly, some things will probably no longer be possible. The childhood dream that has looked at you from the mirror so far begins to fade or to align with reality. That is new.

Our generation's buzzwords: flat rate and multi-option

Even in the early thirties, life seemed like an endless sushi treadmill. Flat rate and multi-option have not become the buzzwords of our generation by chance - opportunities come by colorful, take what you want! For almost 15 years on Grandma’s birthday, we were able to talk about internships, a new flat share and month-long trips to South America, cities, partners, ways of life - everything was still negotiable until our mid-30s without any further notice. Because our generation has fabulously expanded the transition zone between the end of school and anchorage, the actual youth and the subsequent youthful feeling. If this continues, soon nobody will be old anymore.

However, against all odds, this endless grace period has expired. The sushi band from 37 years on has gaps. Some things no longer exist for us, some we forego out of experience, common sense or because the next day the first cancer screening is due, which the health insurance pays for. And then maybe a little bit of curiosity is missing. Many psychologists consider this characteristic to be an important indicator when it comes to whether one feels old or young. Surely no 37-year-old would say that he has seen enough. Nevertheless, many are already narrowing their horizons again. Diagnosis: age-related intellectual admission freeze.

Sure, you are now a finished person, and that is a completely neutral state for the time being. For some, that means good, courageous self-awareness. With others it becomes a self-sufficiency. In any case, there are now many more principals among friends than ten years ago. Some think that old buildings no longer work. Others now consider bus travel to be a total no-go. Or vaccination. In any case, one's own view suddenly seems to be suitable for the leading culture. And many 37-year-olds would appear old-fashioned and opinionated to their 27-year-old self surprisingly early.

From the age of 35 it means: property, happiness, individuality and self-sufficiency

But the general sedimentation of the peers, this rush for property, personal happiness, individuality and self-sufficiency, which begins from 35, is just quite contagious. Until 2014, life insurance policies were most frequently taken out by 37-year-olds, reported the industry association GDV. When adulthood can no longer be denied, then it is just exercised in an exemplary manner. This is probably the greatest stress factor for people in their late thirties - to stay relaxed even now when the dice are not yet roughly how you imagined. The only consolation is that those who arranged their lives on schedule are just as stressed.

With them, decisions are no longer driven by experience, but made pragmatically (time, money, daycare place, holiday ban). The Circle of Friends, which was still the holiest body a few years ago, is reorganizing. A British study reports: people aged 35 and over still maintain around 14 friendships and one of them disappears every five years. Anyone who has half-heartedly dragged along from the playground, school desk and flat share will now often bounce off a firewall called family. For this purpose, network and user acquaintances are made who, together with the handful of old friends, result in enough social supplement. And there are above all the little people that you made yourself! The social radius is getting smaller and the doorbell in the new housing estate proudly says: "Mia san mia" between the lines.

What tends not to happen anymore: to let a wind blow you somewhere, to come along or just to stay to see what happens. Spontaneous invitations, short-term exuberance and nonsense no longer have a large lobby. But that's ok.

After all, while you were 37, the incomprehensible happened: there is a new youth. One in which, even with the best will in the world, one no longer has a part. Some of them are still threatened with flogging and whose pop grills can only be heard chirping by chance. It's not entirely understandable, but: It's the ones who sleep on the carpets, run into the wrong types and have the summer of their lives. In fact, after a painful while, that's actually quite good. After all, you are busy enough yourself with the appearance on the main stage. And sleeping on the carpet has always been stupid. Or? It's good that the memory also slowly declines from the age of 35.