How do I transfer my Ticketmaster tickets

With Ticket Transfer you can transfer tickets to friends directly from your Ticketmaster customer account. So you no longer have to drive across town to hand over tickets or wait in front of the venue for that one buddy who is always late! Ticket transfer is convenient, easy and free and can be done from your PC or mobile phone.
(Unfortunately, it is currently not yet possible via our Ticketmaster app.)

Please note that ticket transfer is not available for all events. You can tell whether the tickets for your event are transferable by whether there is a transfer button next to the tickets in your customer account.


How do I transfer tickets to a friend?

  1. Log into your customer account, click on the order number and then on the transfer-Button next to the tickets.
  2. Follow the simple instructions to transfer tickets to a friend. You can transfer a ticket or all tickets.
  3. Remember that the recipient's email address and the sender's email address cannot be identical.
  4. Your friend needs a Ticketmaster customer account. Don't worry: if he doesn't already have one, he can create an account during the acceptance process.

We will notify you by email as soon as your friend has accepted the tickets and can then access the tickets themselves.

As soon as your friend accepts the transfer, the original barcodes for this ticket (s) are invalid.


How can I cancel a ticket transfer?

You can only cancel a ticket transfer if the recipient has not yet accepted the tickets. This is how it works:

  • Go to the customer account My tickets
  • Click on Order overview
  • Click on Cancel transfer

Please note that you cannot cancel the ticket transfer if the tickets have already been accepted, but your friend can simply transfer the tickets back to you.

Can I transfer tickets that have been transferred to me?

Yes you can! As soon as you accept the tickets, they are yours. If you can't use the tickets, transfer them back to the person who transferred them to you or to someone completely different.

Why can't I accept the ticket transfer invitation?

If you have difficulties accepting a ticket transfer invitation, simply let the friend cancel the ticket transfer invitation via their customer account and then try again.

Can the name on my ticket be changed via Ticket Transfer?

Please note that Ticket Transfer does not change the name on your ticket. If your event is buyer-personalized (i.e. the original buyer must attend the event), ticket transfer will not be offered.


Can I transfer a ticket for my event?

Check the order overview in your Ticketmaster customer account. If a ticket transfer is offered, a transfer button is visible next to the tickets in the My Tickets area.


I have several Ticketmaster customer accounts - how can I find out which ticket was sent to?

When you accepted the ticket transfer invitation, you had to log in with a Ticketmaster customer account to complete the acceptance. The Ticketmaster customer account with which you registered (or created) at this point in time in order to accept the ticket (s) is the Ticketmaster customer account with the transferred ticket (s).


A friend transferred a ticket to me, but I can no longer find the email.

Ask your friend to cancel the original ticket transfer invitation and then send a new invitation. This is only possible if you have not yet accepted the original ticket transfer invitation.


Where can I find the ticket in my Ticketmaster customer account that I have accepted?

If you have accepted the ticket transfer via email and completed the transfer process, you will find the ticket in your customer account at My tickets.


How do I accept tickets that someone wants to transfer to me?

You will be emailed with a Accept ticket (s)-Button received. Follow the instructions to complete the ticket transfer. The email address of the recipient and that of the sender must not be identical. Just click on the Accept ticket (s)-Button in the email and log in with your Ticketmaster customer account or create a new customer account.


Why is there no transfer button for my event in the customer account?

Ticket transfer is not available for all events. If you don't transfer-Button for your event, you cannot transfer the tickets.


Can I also transfer something other than admission tickets, such as parking tickets?

You can only transfer tickets to the event. Merch, ticket insurance, gastro vouchers, parking space tickets or other upsells are not transferable.

In which customer account is the money?

The payment remains in the customer account of the original buyer. Even if a ticket has been transferred, the order value is still in the customer account of the original buyer. Ticket transfer is free of charge, so the transferred tickets will appear in the recipient's customer account with new barcodes, but no payments will be transferred.


How can I cancel the ticket transfer?

Log in to the Ticketmaster customer account from which you sent the invitation to the ticket transfer. The ticket status is shown in the order overview Transfer pending, as well as the name of the person to whom you sent the ticket transfer invitation. Next to the ticket status is written in blue Cancel transfer. Click on Cancel transfer and follow the instructions to cancel the ticket transfer.
Important: You can only cancel the ticket transfer if the recipient has not yet accepted the tickets.

I transferred the ticket to a friend, but he forgot his cell phone - but I still have a printout of the ticket. Can my friend come to the event with it?

No. When the ticket transfer is complete, a new ticket with a new barcode is created. The old ticket is therefore invalid. That's a good thing, because it ensures that only the recipient has a valid ticket - he must have it with him, however.

Can my ticket be taken away from me after the transfer?

No - if you have accepted the invitation and completed the ticket transfer, these are your tickets. The transferring party can then no longer use the tickets.

My Ticketmaster customer account runs on a different email address than the one to which the ticket transfer invitation was sent.

The ticket can only be accepted from the address to which it was transferred. Ask the transferor to cancel the transfer and then transfer the ticket to the address on your existing account. Alternatively, you can create a new Ticketmaster customer account with the address to which the transfer went.


Please note the Ticketmaster terms and conditions for ticket transfers.