Why is content marketing better than advertising

What does content marketing do better than classic advertising?

As a marketer, you want your company with them Content marketing move forward, but your boss is not convinced yet? Here you will find the best-known pros and cons - with practical tips!

Social media definition: what is social media? Social media are websites and apps on the Internet. Users can use these platforms to create content, share it with other people around the world and ... Read more is your hobbyhorse and you are getting bored of classic advertising. You don't just want to spread the company and its products among the people, you want toto advise andto inform. To top it off, the whole thing should if possibleentertaining be.

That is why you have been dealing more and more with the topic of content marketing lately and now want your enthusiasm for the topic with yours Supervisor share. With this overview we make you the most commonArguments for and against advertising with content fit for that meeting!

1. Pros: Content marketing is more flexible than traditional advertising

Your most important arrow in the quiver of arguments is thishigh flexibility compared to conventional advertising. With the help of content marketingmore quickly jump on current trends or leave old paths. That's how you stayrelevant and create onehigh visibility.

Classic campaigns usually have a longer planning phase. This means that the trend is over again before the actual advertising measure has taken place. Incidentally, this also applies to the company's communication. Innovations can be clearly identified with the help of digital marketingmake it public faster. Besides, you canshort term respond to customer questions.

2. Cons: Content marketing can create confusion for customers

Your boss thinks the high flexibility leads to younegative impression with the target group:A quick change in the campaigns or only briefly adopting a trend creates confusion.

Your counter-argument:Content marketing uses certain means of classic advertising at this point, the onehigh recognition value produce. For example, our logo can be recognized and assigned immediately. This then appears as branding on photos and infographics. So it staysRed thread recognizable for the customer.

3. Pros: Content marketing is more diverse

This is followed by another pro argument. They arenumerous channelsthat can be used in content marketing. As a creative marketer, you have a large playground where you can let off steam.

But be careful: don't overwhelm people with too much content! Your boss could bring that into the discussion too. Therefore, underpin your reasoning with well thought outEditorial plans for a content hub and social media platforms. Place the content evenly on your different channels.

4. Pro: Content marketing is more target group specific

The next advantage arises from the numerous possibilities. You can use your different marketing channels for the respective target groupdesign individually. Measures can be like thisTailor it to the target group and at the same time you reach a wide audience.

Support this argument as wellnumbers: How many people have you reached so far and how high is the potential that you have not yet exhausted? A confrontation will open your boss's eyes.

5. Cons: Content marketing only reaches target groups who are online

The manslaughter argument in many companies:What about those who don't even go online? Content marketing does not suit our product.

Yes, it's true: there are always people whoexclusively offlineLife. Mainly older people and small children are meant by this mind game. At first glance it looks like thatProducts For this target group definition: What is a target group in marketing? A target group is defined as a group of people whom an advertiser or a special company would like to reach with its marketing measures. The as general ... read no moremarketed online would have to be. But here, too, you can counteract something.

6. Pros: Content marketing is perfect for products that require explanation

You can easily take the wind out of the sails of this argument:There is aDeputy target group. These are, for example, the parents of small children or the sons and daughters of senior citizens. Thesemiddle generation, who often make the purchase decision or make recommendations, is very well addressed through content and social media measures.

In addition, content marketing is particularly suitable for our products, as they provide ahigh need for explanation to have. WithBlog articles orInfographics we can make the advantages easier to understand.

7. Cons: Content marketing is more expensive than advertising

Ultimately, your supervisor will factor every decisionmoney make them dependent. Maybe he picked up somewhere that content marketing is very expensive.

But this assumption is not true across the board. Hence our tip again:Let the numbers do the talking. In contrast to content marketing, conventional advertising campaigns can be significantly more expensive or rarely generate such a high profit margin. A clearly structured oneCost use Bill will surely convince your boss.

8. Pro: In content marketing, target attainability can be better measured

On the subjectcosts do you have another ace up your sleeve: theMeasurability of content performance. With a banner ad or poster, the marketing department never knows how many people actually saw it. Let alone how many of them were actually made to buy. But you can measure pretty much anything online: impressions, Conversion rates or actual sales.

9. Cons: Content marketing is only for large companies

TheCompany size is another common misconception about content marketing. But you can also get this out of the way in no time:

Content marketing lives from storytelling. Smaller companies with a long tradition in particular have numerousTelling stories. However, there is no room for this in traditional advertising. Because we are asmall business we should therefore focus on content marketing.

Marketing, advertising or communication with content - what's next?

The meeting is over, the decision has been made. Unfortunately, your boss is still skeptical about content marketing and wants to continue to rely on traditional advertising. That sounds sobering at first, but it also offers you opportunities.

Watch yourmarketing and also thecommunication of your company over the next few months. There will surely be a situation soon in which you willAdvantages of Content MarketingDefinition of Content Marketing Content Marketing is a strategic marketing orientation that focuses on the creation and distribution of non-promotional content. Helpful information and entertaining content will help your target audience ... Read more can attach again. Until then, wear moreFacts together to better substantiate your arguments in the discussion. Include the campaigns on marketingContent the big players like Hornbach or Jack Daniels and show their success. Think about a few tooStrategiesso that you can start immediately after your supervisor's go.

As die-hard fans of content marketing, we are of course happy to answer any questions you may have. Just write us in the comments!

Marie Wobst

As a content manager, the language talent Marie is mainly responsible for our US projects. Here she writes about the challenges of international cooperation as well as about her other hobbies of communication and relevance optimization.

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