What is a designer paid for

Salary table:
Industry test: this is how much a graphic designer earns

Startups and internet companies are popular employers of choice for creative people. But is it also financially worthwhile? Probably not. Because a current survey of Salary.de shows that e-commerce is the industry that pays its graphic designers the least. On average, a graphic designer there earns 31,931 euros a year (or 2,660 euros a month).

However, it is better for creative workers in consulting, in the chemical industry, at trade fairs and in the automotive industry. In the consulting industry - the highest-paid in the survey - the average is 53,887 euros per year (4490 euros per month). At the bottom of the list are industries that are generally known for lower wages: education, tourism, retail, and hotels and restaurants.

Nevertheless, on average, the leeway is not too great. The average earnings across all industries, according to the survey by Salary.de, are 35,568 euros annually (2964 euros per month).

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By the way, here is the exact table for graphic designers.