What are some simple truths in life

7 truths about life that we keep forgetting

Last update: 04 January, 2018

It is really surprising how easily we forget the most important truths about life. Over time, we just ignore them and don't value them as we should because our old habits take over again. It is as if we were connected to them by gravity, to our comfort zone, in which we find the evils that we have committed for years but that we at least know.

That's why we want speak today about some of the truths of life that we should always remember. These are truths that are universally valid in all their details.

Truths About Life That Are Easy To Forget

Be humble and admit your mistakes, be intelligent and learn from them, be mature and correct them.

Why do we need to keep reminding ourselves of these truths? They can help us focus on our goals, achieve them, believe in ourselves, and grow. They are the necessary impetus to achieve everything we want. Also, keeping these truths in mind will help us balance emotionally. Once we have this stability, we will be so well off that we will experience great complacency.

1. You don't need an excuse to forgive

Why do we always wait for an apology before forgiving? That's because sometimes people hurt us so much that we just can't forget about it. This creates anger that turns us into bitter, sad people. Without being aware of it, we begin to nurture anger, resentment, and hatred.

Why is it so hard to forgive? Our pride keeps us from forgetting and leaving behind the negative experiences we had with each other. We believe that forgiving would be a humiliation in front of the other and do not see that it is a very liberating act full of love. When we leave the pain behind, we simultaneously rid ourselves of a heavy load of negative emotions that we cannot use.

Forgive, even without an apology, and turn all those negative emotions into positive energy.

2. You live the life you created

Do you think you are out of luck? Do you suspect that the world is against you? Unlike what you might think, your life is the result of your own decisions and only you can change it. What are you waiting for?

Many people are of the opinion that fate played a trick on them and that they would have to go through bad and negative times as a result. You are not aware that you created it yourself and that you can decide to change it.

Take responsibility Don't give up and don't look back. There is no bad luck. There is fear of taking risks and making decisions. Even if you think there is no way out, there is always one! Start taking risks. You will see that things turn out positively when you adopt the appropriate attitude.

3. Life is unfair, accept that

Life is unjust and unfortunately it is not in our hands to abolish all injustice. We always think and hope that things will turn out differently. But we cannot reject situations just because we do not like them.

We often focus on the bad things, divorce, broken hearts, and accidents. However, this diminishes the extent to which we can enjoy our positive experiences, which are far more numerous.

We have to take life as it is, with its good and bad. We can do something to bring more good into our lives, or at least to see the good in the bad. There's a good side to everything, even if it's hard to see at times. Think of a broken heart that, uncomfortable as it is, is given a chance for new experiences.

4. Live in the moment because it is all you have

The present is what matters, but many people live in the past or worry too much about the future. You only have this moment, the now and today, and if you don't use it, sooner or later you will regret it.

We don't have to go on adventures every day, because we also have responsibilities that we cannot simply ignore. But if we perceive what we have now and enjoy it with the people around us, we will be much happier.

If the past is on your tail, break free of it, learn from the things that haunt you, and then let go of it. However, if the future is your problem, then remember the old saying: What you can get today, don't postpone it until tomorrow.

5. Being busy is not the same as being productive

Sometimes we confuse employment with productivity and we don't realize that we would have a lot more time to ourselves if we were a little more productive. If we make better use of our working hours, we are much less busy.

When we are unproductive, we start to feel stressed and restless. We also postpone pleasant projects, such as dinner with friends, whom we already see less often than we actually want.

If we organize ourselves better and adopt some techniques to use our time at work more effectively, we will be better off and we will have more time for ourselves and the people we love.

6. Great successes follow great failures

When we learn to walk as children, we initially stumble a thousand times, but in the end it pays off: we can finally walk. This also applies to all other areas of our existence. Failures are necessary to achieve our goal. In our deepest innermost, it is they who give what we have achieved their value.

The problem arises in our head when we view every failure as a mistake that we need to fix as soon as possible. The associated feeling of shame leads to us blocking ourselves and not pursuing what we wanted to achieve.

See each of your failures as an opportunity to move closer to your goals. Failure is not your enemy, it is your partner, and if you lean on them rather than fear them, that will help you.

7. You are a reflection of the people around you

The people we deal with influence our decisions, our behavior and the way we view others. Imagine that you surround yourself with toxic people. Don't you think you'd end up becoming one of them?

Or maybe you won't turn yourself into a toxic person, but you will suffer the consequences of being around them. You will not smile anymore, you will become a sad person who feels guilty for circumstances for which they can not help at all ...

In a nutshell people around us can influence us positively or negatively. But we can choose who is by our side, and if we can't, it's up to us whether we let them affect us.

I haven't changed, I've just learned, and learning doesn't mean change, but growth.

These are some truths about life that can help us every day. It can be very useful to repeat it over and over like a mantra.

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