What is a hydraulic parking system

Hydraulic hoses

The hydraulic hoses of your double parkers must be replaced after an operating time of 6 years.

With our annual maintenance report for your Parker, we inform you about the age of the hoses. This means that you can always check when the hydraulic hoses need to be replaced. The hydraulic hoses we use are manufactured by our partner company precisely and in accordance with all current regulations and are replaced by our employees.

Hydraulic oils

The hydraulic oil in your car parking system must be able to cope with many tasks.

It has to transmit very high forces, has to provide reliable protection against wear and corrosion, even with changing temperatures, and has a constant viscosity so that your Parker rises and falls "smoothly". Depending on the garage regulations, you must also pay attention to whether a biological or mineral hydraulic oil is to be used. Under no circumstances should these oils be mixed with one another. We only use quality oils from a well-known German manufacturer.

Hydraulic cylinder

The hydraulic cylinders of the duplex parkers are exposed to extreme loads.

The continuous raising and lowering of the Parker can cause leaks in the cylinders. Before purchasing an expensive new cylinder, we will be happy to check whether we can repair your cylinder cost-effectively. If there is no damage to the piston rod, a repair (replacement of the sealing package) is equivalent to a new cylinder.

Hydraulic valves and pumps

Depending on the model and construction type, we repair various components or can fall back on the large pool of spare parts from our partner company and quickly offer you a replacement component.