How much is a 50 coin worth

What this 50 cent coin shows here makes it a little treasure

Take a closer look in your wallet - do you see a 50 cent coin in your change? If you are lucky, it could even be a very special copy of the coin. If she finally has this one little thing, you should be able to get a good deal of money. Basically, the following applies: Euro coins with (rare) incorrectly minted coins are in great demand among collectors on online platforms such as eBay.

50 cent coin from 2002 - worth fortune due to incorrect minting

A wrong picture on the back, a number rotator or a "fried egg" embossing - At special coin auctions, several thousand euros are flipped over for such rarities. But most Germans don't even know what small fortunes they sometimes carry around in their wallets every day. There is one above all else 50 cent coin from 2002 really worth a lot.

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The special thing about her: Instead of the Brandenburg Gate, the federal eagle is stamped on the back of the coin. But the heraldic animal really only belongs on the 1 or 2 euro coin! The interesting thing about it: In 2010 such a rare specimen was already auctioned for 750 euros. Now the rare 50-cent coin has even been auctioned for almost 3,000 euros offered.

3,000 euros for a 50-cent piece: You should pay attention to this

"Euro coins are minted in billions. So it is hardly surprising if one or the other piece is not one hundred percent perfect", explains specialist journalist Sebastian Wieschowski to DerWesten. The coin connoisseur also advises to take a closer look at the coins when shopping at the supermarket checkout.

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Because "if a coin in circulation deviates from the norm, it can quickly become a valuable rarity", continues Wieschowski. If the 50-cent piece is also marked with the year 2002 and the mint mark G, you should finally button up the motif page. If you think you have a wrong minting in your hands, you shouldn't open it." Sell ‚Äč‚ÄčeBay. Find out why this is the case and where it can be done better here.

The era of the smallest cent coins in the EU could soon come to an end.

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