How do you cure multiple personality disorders

Multiple Personality Disorder - Signs and Causes

Ria has a multiple personality disorder. In it there is different personalities, each with their own character and take turns setting the tone in everyday life. Often confused with schizophreniaHowever, multiple personality disorder manifests itself very differently. It is considered the most severe form of dissociative disorder and occurs about one percent of the population on. Ria had to in her childhood suffer severe trauma that splits their personality Has. Read more details about this mental illness in this article.

The media rarely mentions multiple personality disorder. In everyday life, this is often confused with a schizophrenic disorder. Still there is alone around four million people in Germanywho suffer from this mental illness. Several personalities coexist and emerge from one another. The one part usually knows nothing of the existence of the other. A characteristic of multiple personality disorder is that each personality component has one own character, preferences, skills and memories disposes. Women are more likely to be affected. But how does a multiple personality make itself felt?

How does a multiple personality disorder show up?

For the diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder, the international classification of mental disorders (ICD-10). The following signs must be given for the split personality:

  • Presence of two or more different personalities in one person. Only one can be proven at a specific point in time.
  • Each of these personalities shows own behaviors, preferences and abilities and has independent memories.
  • At some point it takes one of the several personalities has full control about behavior.
  • The sick can do not recall important personal facts about another personality.
  • It can be excluded that the symptoms from a organic disorder or substance abuse result.

In addition, there are other signs, such as Memory gaps (amnesia) or symptoms of paralysis. In the context of dissociative identity disorders, physical pain often also occurs, for which there are no verifiable organic reasons. These include such as a headache or stomach ache. Sick people are often haunted by thoughts of suicide and injuring themselves.

What proportions occur in multiple personality disorder?

In professional circles, the multiple personality disorder also known as dissociative identity disorder called. Because if you look closely, it is not a “real” personality disorder. With her show up different personalities at different timesthat are often not similar. Furthermore, they never occur at the same time. So it may be that the person concerned over a polite and content personality, but also a choleric, aggressive part disposes. It is noteworthy that each of the multiple personalities is defined by its own age and gender.

Multiple personalities in one person

Many divided personalities have one childlike part developed. This got stuck in his personal maturity and development in childhood. This applies to both mental as well as physical abilities. If this part of the multiple personality is in charge, the person concerned can neither read nor write. In the course of this mental disorder you can often there are many more than two personalities. However, one of them usually sets the tone. The sick themselves usually do not know anything about their split personality. It means that there is no memory of what the other personality has done.

How does a multiple personality disorder arise?

The Splitting the personality serves as a protective mechanism. Multiple personality disorder often results from childhood abuse. About 90 percent of the sick have trauma in childhood Experienced. An example of this is the extreme experience of being abused as part of a sexual ritual. Violence, child prostitution, and torture can also be triggers be of a split personality.

Becomes a child When exposed to cruel, traumatic situations, the psyche splits upso that these overwhelming events can be endured mentally and physically. While the trauma happens, it heaves Person to a distant place where they are not exposed to suffering is. Physically, however, she is still in the situation, which is why another part is exposed to the suffering and also feels it.

How does a dissociative identity disorder work?

Usually takes one dissociative identity disorder takes a chronic course. The more the person was traumatized, the more complex the healing becomes. Not just because of this mental illness associated with other mental disorders. That makes the treatment all the more difficult. Nevertheless, there have been better and better therapeutic methods for treating multiple personality in recent years.

Here you will find a summary of the signs of a split personality



How is Multiple Personality Disorder Treated?

The therapy method of first choice trauma therapy is for a split personality. If you are affected, you can take advantage of inpatient, partial inpatient or outpatient assistance. That often goes unsuccessful interventions are preceded by the frequent misdiagnosis become. The real disorder is often from associated mental illnesses, such as depression, covered.

If you, as the person concerned, choose therapy as a treatment method, this can different personalities brought together become. Even if it is not always possible to integrate all parts, with the help of a therapist that can be achieved the different personalities communicate with each other. By getting to know all of the inner parts, you develop a Sense of identity. Even if therapy can take several years, it is they make a largely normal life possible.



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