How can you plan influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing Strategy - What do companies have to pay attention to?

over Influencer to reach Companies their respective target group with a minimum of wastage - provided the strategy is right. But what should companies consider when adopting an influencer marketing strategy?

The advantages of advertising campaigns with influencers are manifold and are based on the valuable relationship of trust and the resulting credibility that exists between influencers and followers. A lot of marketing potential & of course money is given away here.

Professionally working influencers independently provide valuable content that increases brand awareness and ensures high reach in the respective target group, whether via their own blog, YouTube channel or social media.

A successful influencer marketing strategy behaves like any other marketing strategy: first, its goal must be defined. This could be for example:

Of course you can multiple goals to be tracked.

Step by step to a successful influencer marketing strategy


After setting the objective, the decision should be made for a form of influencer marketing. In principle, these characteristics can be distinguished:

  • Influencer advertising, shopping reach
  • Influencer Marketing, the classic form of advertising by the influencer with the advantages described above
  • Influencer Relations, the establishment, maintenance and cooperation of sustainable relationships with influencers


Once you have decided on a form of influencer marketing, you have to choose the right influencer. It is important not to lose sight of the objectives of the influencer marketing strategy. Should the influencer, for example, increase brand awareness, increase the click rate or increase sales? Suitable influencers can be found for every goal.

By the way:

It doesn't always have to be the “really big” influencers; micro influencers with a number of followers between 5,000 and 15,000 can also be used in a targeted manner if, for example, a high interaction rate is desired. An influencer mix of beginners, micro influencers and classic testimonials can also be useful.

The decision for which channel goes hand in hand with the choice of the right influencer.

Or even on several? A blog post is particularly worthwhile for brands, products or stories that require explanation. This offers enough space for text and images - and above all authenticity.

Choice of method

Just as there are different channels, the method by which an influencer can actively start a campaign varies. These could be:

  • Product placement - the influencer interacts with the product via mail or video
  • Post placement - the influencer describes the product and uses the appropriate hashtags
  • Product test campaign - the influencer evaluates the product and recommends it
  • Unboxing - the influencer films himself unpacking the product
  • Contest - the influencer holds a competition on his profile
  • Discount Code - the influencer offers their followers a discount code for the product
  • Event - the influencer reports on an event where he comes into contact with the product


It is best to put together an information kit (briefing) for influencers that contains all the important information that is to be "disseminated". A simple press release is usually not enough. Nevertheless, the specifications should still leave enough space for creative implementation on the part of the influencer.

Once the planning and method of the influencer marketing strategy have been clarified, it is advisable to record all the key points in a document. So every step can be seen and traced.


After each influencer campaign, the evaluation is due: How successful was the advertising? How did the content work? The best way to do this is to define KPIs before implementation and compare the influencer marketing methods with benchmarks.

Recommendation: Our blog article on the topic: Success measurement in influencer marketing.

Leading questions in the final evaluation can be:

  • How many products / services were sold by activating the influencers?
  • How many additional visitors does the advertised landing page count?
  • How did the interaction go? How many likes, shares and comments did influencers receive on posts?
  • How often was the campaign's own hashtag used on social networks?

optimization the Influencer Marketing Strategy

After the campaign is over, you should look again at the initial objective: Has it been achieved? If not, it is advisable to change the method or to look again for more suitable influencers. With an optimized strategy, the desired successes can certainly soon be celebrated.

Successfully implement influencer marketing strategy with an agency

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