Might defeat Madara Yamcha in battle

Thread: Naruto versus Dragon Ball Z

Hello, I'll start by myself:

1.DBZ of course !!!! What better thing I can not imagine!

The characters and story have a unique one
Charm, which the tired modern Shonen series of today
like Naruto, Bleach (of which I'm a fan anyway) just trying to copy badly. I don't mean with this statement,
that you're about to attack me.

I can't do the rubrics I mentioned above either
meant to end in order since I discussed it first
want you to get warm in this thread,
and then I join you with this discussion.

2. Nevertheless, I would like to make a few comparisons in the thread:
Of course Kakarott is better than stupid Naruto
both are after all:

dressed in a blue and orange long suit,
eat away
have dark blue shoes,
partly blonde hair
Both grew up separately from their parents
both are named after food:
Carrot and soup.
Intelligence is alien to both of them, but they see a bright light in battle.

Orochimaru and Freezer are power / immortality horny,
have white skin with purple elements,
Both have special commands
the Sound Five are like the Ginyu Sonderkommando
five people,
Sakon and Ukon are very similar to Freezers,
Goku and Vegeta do not get into the fight until later
the leader Ginyu,
just like Kimimaru later comes to Naruto.
Jirobo and Guldo are both fat

The Tsundere at DBZ is Chichi, who loves the main blonde Chara,
and her son Gohan absolutely forbids the fun.
With Naruto it is Sakura, who later with the blond one
Main chara naruto comes together,
and Naruto / Konohamaru forbids the fun.

Hinata has the hair like (the little and big Pan, Son Gohan
on Namek and Chichi),
had in the episode "Road to Sakura" (as well as Sakura and
her mother wears a Chinese dress.
Her father doesn't give her any fun / free time,
but should only train karate.

Chichi doesn't let Gohan have fun / free time,
he's only supposed to do homework.

Bulma and Chichi are friends
of which Bulma is bitchy and vain,

Just like Sakura and Ino girlfriends,
and Ino is bitchy and vain.

Ino, Orochimaru and Ginyu have the following in common:
Blood group B, swap their bodies.

Akamaru is a poor white copy of Mr Satan's dog.

Sasuke's hair on the front is something like Trunks'
(both are dressed in dark blue),
and a little tall at the back like Vegeta.
Both their father was killed,
the brother of both appears later in the series.
Sasuke works for the white-skinned Orochimaru
Vegeta for white-skinned freezers.

Shikamaru has a shorter jacket like Trunks.

When 17 a bleeding man offering him money
shoots, smiles 18 nasty,
that reminds me of the spot as Gaara the rain type
crushed, and Temari beckons smiling.

C18 and Temari are blonde, but an absolute C17 and C18
Copy are the Kumonin, Samui
who blond has the same hairstyle as 18,
and Atsui, also her twin brother with the same hair
like C17, only in blond.

Madara Uchiha looks in his samurai armor
(including hair) look like Raditz,
The Saiyan and Uchiha are both clans,
who are known to wage war
and both from Freezer and Itachi Uchiha / 3Hokage because of it
have almost been wiped out.
3Hokage and Freezer have blood type A.

Hinata and Yamcha have blood group A, are shy,
can struggle and faint at the opposite sex.

In Madara's war the magic fan appears
that we know from DB.

Muten Roshi, old Kaiohshin and Jiraiya
all 3 have white hair and are voluptuous.

Deidara has a scouter like the Saiyan.

Akatsuki are main enemies like Freezer, Cell and Boo,
and are a parody with their nail polish
Natural black fingernails on Freezers, Cells and Boos.

Guy and Lee also parody Vegetas and Future Trunks
Skin-tight suits, just in green.

Thenlon with the purple hair has Gai's hairstyle.

Team Hebi (Sasuke / Suigetsu / Yugo / Karin) are like the (Cyborg Gang
C16, C17 and C18):
Suigetsu has (hairstyle, blood group B, likes to murder, smiles) like C17,

Vegeta once told the cyborgs
"The cyborgs are my best friends compared to Kakarott,
I hate "(Volume 30)
And Sasuke is also Naruto's opponent (like Vegeta),
and "went with the cyborgs" (Team Hebi)
(like Vegeta's request of friendship to the cyborgs (see quote above)

Yugo is 100% like C-16:
both have AB blood type, don't talk much, are very direct
have orange, pointed hair, love animals and can talk to them.
Yugo can become a child, like Kakarott in GT,
has a sting as an attack like Cell (another approach to the cyborg gang.)

Cell and Naruto are victims of bad prejudice:
Cell has 2 killers (C17 and C18 who killed everyone
(see Trunks Future) absorbed,
instead of being revered as a hero (at least that's me),
he is decried as a "villain and monster".

Naruto has killer Kyubi who killed
(the village would be destroyed like Trunk's future), also absorbed instead of being revered as a hero,
he is decried as a "villain and monster".

Sakura hates violence, Dende hates violence (both can heal,
see Freezer Saga)

The Ino Shika Cho Trio from Naruto,
the Inoshikacho pig from the earlier DB episodes.
Ginkaku and Kinkaku also appear in Naruto / DB.
There is a roshi in Naruto like the Biju SonGoku.

Choji wears underpants on his head like oolong
in the pilaf series (both have blood group B, are fat)
Kiba's face strips remind Cell (both are Megahot)
Son Gohan is a crybaby like Sakura and gets aggressive in a moment (see Son Gohan vs Freezer (form 2).

Lee has weights on his clothes against Gaara,
like Kakarott against adult Tenshinhan heavy clothing.

Tenshinhan's sun attacks, Byakugan, Sharingan are eye attacks.

The episode "Road to Sakura" / film Road to Ninja, are an allusion to Trunk's future, because in the episode "Road to Sakura",
Sakura takes on the role of Future Trunk (I know Kotz,
poor Trunks) and also arrives in an alternate timeline,
where her friends all live, including her parents, who she in the
Arms takes (Trunks also comes to the healthy Kakarott and hits
his parents (meets Vegeta).

If you / I find more comparisons, I'll post them.
Sincerely, Perfect-Cella.